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rss reader

AppAdvice Daily: Get Productive With Our New Staff Favorites

A new RSS reader, and a smart keyboard app are both on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Extra! Extra! RSS Apps For Your iPad Google Can't Kill

The announcement that Google Reader will shut down on July 1 has left many users and app developers scrambling for a new way to handle their RSS feeds. We've found some of the best options for reading your RSS feeds on your iPad now and on July 1.

Extra! Extra! These Are The Best RSS Readers For Your iPad

The choice of RSS reader may be a personal one, but there are a few standout apps in the genre you should be aware of before you decide.

Slow Feeds RSS Reader Keeps Feeds From Getting Lost

Slow Feeds lets you enjoy articles from websites that aren't updated every 30 seconds.

Updated AppGuide: RSS Readers For The iPad

Although many have forecasted the death knell of RSS, the iPad is a perfect platform for the bite-sized, fast website aggregation tool. This AppGuide will help you find the RSS reader that fits the way you want to read the Internet.

RSS Talk Feeds Your Need For News On The Go

Given the surplus of RSS reader apps available in the App Store, is there any more space left for yet another one?

AOL's New "Editions" Magazine Promises A Quick, Curated Experience

AOL's "Editions" aims to algorithmically aggregate your new morning paper.

Readable Takes The Touch Out Of Touch Screen

Readable is a website reader that auto scrolls letting you read articles hands free. There is even a facial recognition feature that will stop the scrolling when your face is not detected by the front-facing camera.

A Chance To Win A Printful (Universal) Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with Alberto García Hierro in order to offer you a chance to win one of one hundred and thirty-eight (138) promo codes for Printful for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch ($2.99).

Is THIS The Best iPad News Reader?

While Twitter clients were one of the most popular and most debated apps on the iPhone, news readers are the hot topic for the iPad. Apps like Flipboard, Reeder and Pulse have drawn the most attention so far, but a new app seeks to eclipse them all.

Blogshelf For iPad Makes Your RSS Feeds Look Like Books

Blogshelf for iPad, an application that displays RSS feeds using an iBooks-like bookshelf, has just hit the App Store. Read on to find out if this interesting feature makes the app worth purchasing.

Byline Receives Update, Brings Background Feed Syncing And Caching

The popular RSS reader app, Byline, has received an update that brings a whole load of new features - including the ability to multitask. Read on to find out more!

iPad Pulse Reader Application Featured In Keynote, Then Pulled By Apple

After featuring Pulse News Reader - an iPad RSS reader app, in his Keynote speech yesterday at the WWDC, Steve Jobs has now been forced to remove the app from the App Store after receiving a written notice from the New York Times. Read on to find out more.

Review: The Early Edition

The Early Edition is an RSS reader for the iPad. It presents your feeds with a newspaper style. It's Apple's iPad app of the week, find out if it's worth $4.99.

The First iPhone RSS Reader NetNewsWire Looks To Be The First iPad RSS Reader

NetNewsWire for iPad will be part of the iPad App Store Grand Opening? Read on to find out if it's closer to the mac version or the iPhone version, and what will it cost.

3 Hidden Gems You Have To Pay For

Most apps in the Hidden Gems column are free. This week, though, it's just Simplenote, Newsstand and Mover+ and they're Must-have apps. Let me tell you why.