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Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Hits The App Store As A Universal App

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, a port of a classic PC game, has recently hit the App Store as a universal app. This is a fantasy-RPG, real-time strategy, and sim hybrid with gameplay that offers indirect control of units. You have to influence your people, instead of directly ordering them where to go or what to do.

Mike Lata

Anomaly Warzone Earth Comes To iOS Thursday

Anomaly Warzone Earth is already available on the NZ App Store and should hit your store within 24 hours. The game has great visuals and is being ported from the Mac and PC. It also gained critical success due to the mix of offensive weapons you can use to attack enemy structures.

Mike Lata

Capture Enemy Flags In This 1996 Retro RTS

A classic from the 90s PC-era has hit the App Store. Z The Game has been released as a universal app offering fun and strategic gameplay. You capture enemy flags and control vast territories in this RTS.

Mike Lata

Swords & Soldiers Is Coming To iOS Soon

Soon Swords & Soldiers won't be exclusive to just consoles anymore. It is coming to iOS (iPhone and iPad) sometime this summer and is being published by none other than Chillingo. The game is a 2D RTS with lots of action and three nations to select from.

Mike Lata

In the upcoming game Lords At War, you get to choose factions, then loot, conquer, attack and train personal armies while interacting with players online. This is a massive multiplayer online empire-building game with RTS elements thrown in. Look for Lords at War on the iPad in late June.

Mike Lata

Gameloft's RTS title, inspired by Blizzard's Starcraft series, has finally been ported to the iPad. Starfront: Collision HD offers two on two multiplayer action and a campaign with three races to play out.

Mike Lata

Review: Modern Conflict For iPad And iPhone

Real time strategy isn't the strongest gaming genre in the App Store, but Modern Conflict is looking to change that. Click through to find out if it does, and if it's worth picking up. Available for the iPad and iPhone.

Staff Writer