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Rumor: 7 Inch iPad Now A "Finished Product"

The original iPad is still quite new, and now just debuting many places around the world. Many people are just getting their hands on it for the first time as it reaches more countries and production meets demand. Yet, the rumors of Apple launching a second smaller version just won't die. Today, we're hearing rumors from China that the 7" iPad is now "a finished product."

Alexander Vaughn

Verizon iPhone Update - Yes, No.. Maybe? Who knows?

We've all heard the "iPhone on Verizon" song over and over again. We've gotten bored of it, and, for the most part, stopped reporting on rumors concerning the iPhone coming to Verizon. But, the chatter is becoming more intense and consistent lately, so we thought it's time for an update...

Alexander Vaughn

How Apple Could Bring iOS Apps To The Desktop

I wouldn't go so far as calling this a consensus, but let's say that there are a lot of folks out there who think Apple won't refrain from putting iOS apps everywhere it can. You've probably all heard about the iTV rumors already, but no one really knows how Apple can pull that one off. The idea of running apps on an multi-touch capable iMac on the other hand, is much simpler to grasp.

Alexander Vaughn

Rumor: Upcoming iTV To Get Apps

Following last May's revelations, Engadget is back at it this week with some new details concerning an upcoming reinvented Apple TV. Or, iTV, as that is apparently how Apple is planning to rebrand the device.

Alexander Vaughn

Rumor: iPhone To Hit T-Mobile For Now?

For the last three years there have been many rumors that the iPhone will eventually be available on Verizon's network. Apple has Verizon cell-sites in its Cupertino HQ, it has CDMA iPhone prototypes, and most of all, it has the will. Yet, the iPhone might instead just end up on T-Mobile.

Rumor: Upcoming iPod touch To Pack Two Cameras & FaceTime

With the iPad, iOS 4 and the new iPhone, you might have started to feel like Apple forgot about the iPod touch. Maybe it's a bit deserved, as there hasn't been much to be excited about regarding the poor iPod touch of late. This situation may change very soon. According to new rumors, the iPod touch is about to become nothing short of awesome.

Appisode 133: WWDC Rumor Roundup

It's the last show before WWDC in San Francisco where we are expecting the new iPhone to be unveiled at Apple's Keynote on Monday, June 7th. Here's our rumor roundup to see what actually sticks. Check out the show to see everything we know so far. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Robin Rhys

Unconfirmed: iPad System File Hints At New iDevices

We all have our own way to celebrate the purchase of a new gadget. Some just hug it, others take it apart, and there are also those who can't help but go mess with the system files right away. An iPad fanatic of this last kind apparently got lucky already and claims to have found there references to some unannounced iDevices.