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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

Only 16 Percent Of Customers Realized The Galaxy Tab Was A Samsung Product

Even Samsung's own research says they copied iPad.

With Jury Trial Looming, Apple And Samsung Once Again Meet To End '100 Years War'

By court order, Apple and Samsung meet again in the hopes of ending legal crisis between the two frenemies.

Apple May Start 'Advertising' The Samsung Tablet? Really?

A U.K. judge says that Apple must advertise on their website that Samsung did not copy the iPad when they released the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

UK Judge Says Samsung Can Sell Their ‘Not As Cool’ Tablet

UK judge: People won't confuse Samsung's tablet for the iPad, since "they are not as cool."

German Court Hits Samsung With Preliminary Injunction

Samsung must feel the galaxy closing in with Apple's latest legal victory.

Apple And Samsung Are Fighting On The Tablet Playground Again

In the most recent tablet quarrel, Samsung has put their foot down and said, “I’m not telling!” So far it appears Apple may have the upper hand and Samsung might be a little afraid.

Apple And Samsung To Discuss Requests In Court, Get Down On Friday

Apple will decide whether to file a preliminary injunction against the US sale of certain Samsung devices by the end of the week.

How Does The iPad 2 Stack Up Against Six Competitors?

How does the iPad 2 stack up against the competition? Skattertech recently released two infographics (here and here) that compare Apple’s newest device with the BlackBerry PlayBook, Dell Streak 7, and Motorola Xoom, among others. The graphics are so detailed (and timely, given the iPad 2 arrives today) we thought we’d publish the information here too for our readers.