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Sarun Wongpatcharapakorn

Task Player Is A Fresh New Approach To The Pomodoro Technique

Is Pomodoro more your thing? Then this sleek app will help you manage all of your daily tasks.

AppAdvice App Of The Week For September 17, 2012

Clip things for later reference and keep track of Facebook birthdays with our top app picks for the week!

Don't Be A Bad Friend, Stay On Top Of Facebook Birthdays With Birthday Box

Having some trouble keeping up with all of those birthdays on Facebook? This app can lend a hand.

To Do! Takes Away Any Excuse For Being Disorganized

Finally become as organized as you've always wanted to be with To Do!

Last Time Keeps Track Of Those Moments You Want Remember, Plus A Chance To Win

Have you ever wanted to remember when the last time you did something was? Now you can with this beautiful app, and maybe you can even win a copy.