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Apple's Town Hall Announcement: $500 Discount Off Macs, $250 Off iPads For Employees

From June, Apple plans to offer its employees a massive $500 discount off new Mac computers and $250 off iPads. The news was announced yesterday by Apple CEO Tim Cook, at Apple's Town Hall auditorium.

Set Goals And Track Your Money With SmartSaver

SmartSaver is a great finance app that will help you save your money and reach your financial goals. With the ability to track your finances while monitoring your savings, this app is comprehensive, yet fun to use.

Shopkick: It's Like Foursquare With A Purpose

If you use one of the location-based apps like Foursquare or Gowalla, then you've probably asked, "Why would you want to do something like that?" Now there is a location-based app that has a reason for being.

Are iPads A Solution To Reduce Government Spending?

Schools were quick to realize the cost savings made possible by replacing books with iPads. It appears that government agencies may also be able to see similar cost savings.

iPad: Making Sense And Making Cents

If you're like me, you were excited about the release of the iPad, but had trouble deciding whether it was really worth your hard-earned money to buy it. If you're still wondering, read on to find out if you need an iPad, and how to spend the least amount of money to buy one.

Can Your iPhone Increase Your Gas Mileage?

While there have been a lot of amazing claims about the abilities of the iPhone, never have we seen one quite like this. Can your iPhone actually increase your gas mileage?

Review: Bills ~ On Your Table

Do you have a problem with remembering when to pay your bills? Bills ~ On Your Table is a great solution. It comes equipped with push notifications, a built-in calendar and custom categories. Does it have what it takes to never let you forget to pay a bill again? Read on to find out.