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Apple Removes Fake And Purchased App Review Ratings From The App Store

Developers who buy fake app reviews: beware! Apple is coming for you.

Chinese Scammers Adopt New Tricks, Build iPhones Using Fake Parts

There's a new iPhone scam in operation in China.

Don't Buy Any Property In This Fake Monopoly Game

Don't let this crudely copied Monopoly fake put you in the poor house.

New 'Terraria' Scam Tricking App Store Customers

Terraria is not yet available for iOS, so don't get tricked by this scam!

Misleading 'Craft - Build Terrain' Scam Back In The App Store

Somehow, this previously-banned MineCraft ripoff is available again.

'Writing' App Shamelessly Copies iA Writer's Iconic Looks

Here's yet more proof that Apple's review team is hopelessly AFK.

Paid ESPN Radio App Locks Out Users On August 1

In going freemium, ESPN Radio has willfully alienated its entire paying customer base.

Misleading App Tops Charts, Highlights Apple's Inattention To Details

Lock My Screen, while not necessarily a scam, underscores Apple's recent App Store failings.

Scam Pokemon Apps Pulled From App Store

As quickly as they climbed the paid charts this weekend, a pair of fake Pokemon apps have been thankfully pulled from the App Store.

Prepare For Trouble And Make It Double: These Pokemon Apps Are A Scam

Don't be fooled by the fake Pokemon apps in the App Store — they're scams!

[UPDATED] Fake "Clear" App Spotted In The App Store, Now Removed

Don't be fooled by fake apps. Clear from RealMac Software and Impending will not be out until Wednesday, February 15.

Alas eBook's Flash Video Expose Is One Of The Latest Frauds To Make It By The App Store Review Team

Looking for that perfect web browser with Adobe Flash support? Don't look to Alas eBook for the solution.

Supposed iPhone 5 Online Casting Call A Front For Some Unknown Scam

An online posting for iPhone 5 commercial participants is laughable, fake, and pulled.

UPDATE: Download Gokivo's Turn By Turn App For Only 99 Cents, Spend An Extra $10 To Use It

We were wondering who would get the honor of first rip-off using Apple's new In App Purchases. Wonder no longer, that honor goes Gokivo + Yahoo! Local Search.