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Find money for college with Scholly: Scholarship Search

Get help finding relevant scholarships that you actually qualify for with this handy app.

Apple plans to re-bid for suspended $1 billion iPad school contract

Apple is hoping to once again secure an iPad contract with the second largest school district in the U.S.

Los Angeles school district suspends Apple iPad contract

The contract was worth $1 billion.

Make sure your iPad is ready for college with these essential student apps

Be prepared for this college semester with these must-have apps for your iPad.

Be prepared for college with these iPhone apps for students

Be sure your iPhone is college ready with these apps.

After iPad Blunder, Los Angeles School District Is Now Considering Alternatives

It looks like LAUSD is considering deploying Microsoft's Surface tablets, Google's Chromebooks, or even Windows-powered laptops in schools.

Apple Makes It Easier To Manage iOS Devices In Enterprise, Education

Apple has made a number of changes to the way businesses and schools can deploy iOS devices.

Wake Up And Get Moving With The Help Of These iPhone Alarm Clock Apps

Replace your old school alarm clock with these apps.

Grades Offers iDevice Users An A+ Experience In Its Biggest Update Yet

Grades 3 can help you keep track of coursework, exams, and results this semester.

Be Sure Your iPad Is College Ready With These Apps

Be sure to have your iPad equipped with these apps for college.

Make Your iPhone College Ready With These Apps

Get your iPhone ready for this upcoming semester.

Make This Your Best School Year Yet With The Help Of These Apps

Be a successful student with these helpful school preparation apps.

Need Some Organization This Semester? Erudio Can Help You Out

Students have a lot to keep track of. Erudio keeps your schedule and assignments together in one beautiful app on your iDevice.

It's About Time More Colleges Made It To The App Store

Everything is going digital, and now more colleges are striving to keep up with the App Store, too.

iHomework Keeps Students Organized And On Task

Struggle staying on top of all your school related projects, due dates, tests and meetings? iHomework is an all-in-one solution to student's school-related needs.

AppList Updated: Back To School Apps

Students everywhere heading back to school are looking for apps to help them get organized and do well in school. Be prepared, get your books, take notes, study, track grades, and more. Here are some of our favorite apps to help students be successful.

Infographic: How Students Use Apps And Technology

Students, the technological revolution, and the iPad. A great infographic.

AppList Updated: Apps For Teachers

Summer will be over before we know it and it will be time to go back to school. Here are some apps to help teachers to streamline their workflow and bring their teaching into the 21st century. From iClickers and grade books to attendance and presentations, these apps will wow your students and save you precious time, all from the comfort of your iDevice.

New AppGuide: Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

For many people, alarm clocks are essential to get the day going. With the iPhone starting to replace so many of our daily devices, it is only fitting that we have an AppGuide to present the top apps to replace your physical alarm clock.

See Your Class Schedule At-A-Glance With Timetable HD 2

Class schedules can be daunting to keep track of, but Timetable HD 2 wants to help. Despite being beautifully designed, the app falls a bit short.

AppGuide Updated: Best English Dictionary Apps

In ye olden days, to find the meaning of a word you had to search through a 10 pound book filled with tens of thousands of words. That took a lot of time and effort (even sometimes getting your hands dirty with ink). The apps in this AppGuide compress that book to the size of your phone and make searching for words a breeze. With a readers request, we have now added Cambridge Dictionary to this wonderful guide that makes looking up words less of a chore.

Kno Textbooks App Hits The iPad, Download & Read Cheap Textbooks On The Go!

Last night, Textbooks hit the App Store. The application, which is natively compatible with the iPad and currently available for free, allows users to download digital textbooks at 30-50 percent off the list price.

New AppList: SAT Preparation Apps For The iPad

The SAT is an extremely important and stressful test that most of us must take. Trying to figure out the best way to prepare can just add to that stress. There are literally thousands of books and tutors who offer services to those taking the exam. Although those options are a great way to study, they can be expensive and sometimes ineffective. Luckily, these apps can be a fantastic supplement to your studies.