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Elevation Earth Provides A Closer Look At Our Planet's Highs And Lows

Learn about the elevation of Earth's surface from Marianas Trench to Mount Everest.

Learn About Our World In Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe For iPad

Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe teaches both adults and students the principals that control our universe through eight simple and fun experiments.

Boson X Is Set To Offer A Mind-Bending Rotational Runner For iOS

Boson X is set to launch iDevice users off in search of an elusive subatomic particle.

Keep The World's Chemical Makeup In Your Pocket With The Complete Periodic Table

Feel like a genius by having this chemistry app on your iPhone.

Fourth-Dimensional Tesseract Concept Dissected And Discussed In Heady New App

If you've ever sought to understand the mystical tesseract, this app is certainly your best bet.

Quirky App Of The Day: Molecules

Holding huge models of tiny things in the palm of your hand.

Get Smarter With HowStuffWorks For iPad's experts know it all. Get the new native iPad app and keep learning no matter which iDevice you own.

Calc Pro Claims To Be The Top Mobile Calculator Because It Is

There are a ton of specialized calculator applications in the App Store. You probably even have a several on your iPhone. Why not eliminate a few with this amazing app?

Mopho DJ: An Awesome DJ App With A Difference

Nick Bryan and Ge Wang at Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics have developed something very interesting. It's an iOS app called Mopho DJ, and it essentially uses an iPod touch's accelerometer to create "scratch" effects on digital audio tracks.

AppList Revisited: iPad Apps For Reference

The iPad is a fantastic tool for reference. Anyone from students to professionals to hobbyists can have useful information right at their fingertips. Many of these apps are universal, so if you have more than one iDevice, these apps are doubly useful. We've updated this AppList since its debut last year, but of course there are new and fantastic reference apps coming out every day. Yes, the iPad really can help you get smarter! The app store has plenty to offer to those looking for more than games and entertainment. Here are a few of our favorite smart apps.

New AppList: Apps For Science Lovers

If you are a scientist, chemistry teacher, or a student just trying to get through microbiology you will find a must-have app in this AppList For Science Lovers.