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science fiction

Can your Instincts keep you from crashing your spaceship?

Think fast, and hope your instincts lead you down the right path.

Help your Stardroid keep the spaceways safe for everyone

This science fiction action game is a fun way to spend some time blowing up spaceships.

Fourth-Dimensional Tesseract Concept Dissected And Discussed In Heady New App

If you've ever sought to understand the mystical tesseract, this app is certainly your best bet.

Love Anime, Robots And Science Fiction? We’ve Got Your Game

Space Frontier is a universal Sims style city construction game for fans of outer space, robots and anime. If you like sassy “fembots,” space-themed neighborhoods and controlling the housing market, this game will make your geeky dreams come true.

"POLY Wikipedia" Presents The Past With Visions Of The Future

POLY Wikipedia is a futuristic reference app with roots in the stylings of late '90s Sci-Fi.