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iPad 2 Rumors Take #235 - The Thin Anti-Reflective Screen

After rumors surrounding a possible SD slot, embedded cameras and NFC capabilities, this week's round of iPad 2 rumors is going back to the screen.

Get A Grip On Your iOS Gaming With These Sticker Buttons

As great and revolutionary as iOS games might have been for the gaming industry, implementing good controls for them is still a huge challenge. I'm not talking about Angry Birds, but think of an FPS like Eliminate, for example. The controls aren't nearly as good as they would be on, lets say, a Playstation controller.

Touchscreen iPod Nano Likely To Debut Tomorrow

As we reported back in July, Apple has been manufacturing a small touchscreen for inclusion in an unknown future device. It appears that we finally know what it's for.

Apple iPhone Repair Cost Is Extortionate And Unnecessary?

Are Apple's repair costs extortionate? Read on to decide for yourself!

Italian Site iSpazio Gives Us A Peek At Next Gen iPhone Frame And Screen

Italian blog site iSpazio adds fuel to the iPhone rumor fire with exclusive looks at what the next gen iPhone may look like.

The Future Of Screen Recording On Your iPhone!

So today Ustream announced there live video streaming app and we published a news article about it, but when I was playing around with the app today, I saw that ustream records what is on your phones screen not just what the camera is seeing. So it got me to thinking of ways we could use it to record our iPhones screens!