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Screen protectors

You can now have a Belkin iPhone screen protector installed at any Apple Store

Using a special machine, the process should be completely free of air bubbles or other misalignment issues.

Apple rolls out iPhone screen protector installation service in Japan

Apple store employees are now allowed to install screen protectors on customers’ iPhones using special tools and supplies from Belkin.

New Screen Protectors From Armorz Made With Gorilla Glass

Available for the iPad Air and iPad mini, the Stealth Extreme R Tempered also offers tapered edges for a sleek look.

OtterBox Unwraps Four Different Screen Protector Options For iOS Devices

The company, well known for its line of cases, is now offering four different screen protector options in its Clearly Protected line.

Macworld/iWorld 2013: Protect Your iPad And iPhone With Juce Mobile

We got a hands-on look at the new products for spring that are coming out from Juce Mobile.

CES 2013: ScreenGuardz Pure Protectors Use Glass To Keep Your iPhone’s Screen Safe

Screen protectors for iOS devices are always big business, and BodyGuardz is showcasing one of its unique solutions at CES 2013.

Product Review: If You Want To Protect Your iPhone 5’s Screen, Use Spigen SGP’s GLAS.t

The GLAS.t from Spigen SGP is a thin piece of real glass that looks great while protecting the iPhone 5's screen.

New Cellhelmet Screen Protectors Offer Unique One-Year Guarantee

The new Cellhelmet screen protectors offer one year of guaranteed protection against glass scratches.