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Seamlessly Order Food For Delivery Or Takeout With The Recently Updated Seamless

Seamless, the app that offers a "seamless" food delivery and takeout experience, has just been updated both on the iPhone and the iPad.

AppAdvice Daily: Super Bowl Sunday Sales, Food Delivery Made Easy, And More!

Super Bowl Sunday is here! Watch this quickie edition of AppAdvice Daily to win a free download of Madden NFL 12, get some food delivery options that don't only include pizza, and one game to keep those of you not watching the Super Bowl distracted!

Best iPhone Titles Include HBO Go, TweetDeck, And More

Saving money, watching HBO videos, and a new Twitter app make up some of the best iPhone apps of the week. But, which was the absolute best?

Seamless Transitions Your Music From iTunes To iPhone Instantly

Nothing ruins a good song like turning it off. Now leaving iTunes doesn’t mean the music can’t continue. The Seamless app transitions music from iTunes to an iPhone/iPod touch without ever missing a beat.