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Google Instant Previews On Their Way To iOS

Google instant preview, the recently introduced feature that allows you to preview a website right in your Google search result page without having to load it, hasn't been much of a deal changer on the desktop. With Google now deploying it to the mobile space, it might soon start to make a lot more sense.

Alexander Vaughn

Needing Some Space In The U.K.?

Whether you need a small flat or a few dozen scenic manors, there's now an app for that. Those searching for space can now find available properties and research all 27 million residences in the U.K. from one free app.

Scott Grizzle

Review: MusicID with Lyrics

MusicID is a music tagging app that also offers full lyrics searching, links to YouTube videos and much more. But does it compete with Shazam or SoundHound? Read on to find out.

Robb Lewis

Review: WolframAlpha

Now Wolfram Alpha has dropped the $50 price tag down to a more reasonable $1.99 should you buy it? Read on to find out.

Robb Lewis