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Apple shuts down Topsy, the social media analytics firm it acquired 2 years ago

“We’ve searched our last tweet.” So goes the farewell announcement, as it were, made on Twitter by Topsy.

Explore the world with a new Instagram update

A revamped search feature makes it easy to find specific people, places, and tags.

WhoDoYou wants to be the next Yelp by putting a new spin on local search

WhoDoYou uses public Facebook conversations to offer honest reviews.

Marissa's Master Plan: Convince Apple To Make Yahoo The Default iOS Search Engine

Yahoo wants its new search technology to be the default engine in the iOS Safari app.

AppAdvice Daily: Earn Money Using Your iPhone

Are you ready to get your swag on? Today we're earning money using our iPhone with SwagBucks.

The App Store Is Getting A Little Bit Smarter With Search

Apple has improved the search functionality in the App Store - ever so slightly.

The 5 Reasons You Should Upgrade To Apple's iOS 7

It's official, iOS 7 is here and we're showing off five features that make it a must have.

Find The Best iPad Word Search Games With The Help Of This AppGuide

Rediscover your love for word search games on the iPad.

Two-Thirds Of Google's Mobile Traffic Comes From iOS

An interesting tidbit was picked up by 9to5Mac, from today's Senate Judiciary hearing, when former Google official Suzanne Michel testified.

What's Not To Like About Quick Searches And Nerd Glasses In 4Eyes

The new app, 4Eyes, is a reference and search tool to help you find exactly why you want without many keystrokes.

Let Your Voice Do The Legwork With Dragon Go!

Dragon Go! is my new favorite search app — for everything! If you don't use any Dragon software at all, you are surely missing out.

Do@: Is This The Future Of Mobile Search?

Do@ is a totally new kind of search engine; designed from the ground up to be mobile.

Google Competitor Blekko Gets An iPhone App

There's been a fair amount of debate lately on how full of spam Google has become. It's still the best, if not only, viable search engine at the moment, but lately some new competitors are starting to make waves; like Blekko.

Google Instant Previews On Their Way To iOS

Google instant preview, the recently introduced feature that allows you to preview a website right in your Google search result page without having to load it, hasn't been much of a deal changer on the desktop. With Google now deploying it to the mobile space, it might soon start to make a lot more sense.

Needing Some Space In The U.K.?

Whether you need a small flat or a few dozen scenic manors, there's now an app for that. Those searching for space can now find available properties and research all 27 million residences in the U.K. from one free app.

New AppGuide: Best Word Search Games For iPad

Rediscover your love for word searches with these apps for the iPad.

Review: MusicID with Lyrics

MusicID is a music tagging app that also offers full lyrics searching, links to YouTube videos and much more. But does it compete with Shazam or SoundHound? Read on to find out.

Review: WolframAlpha

Now Wolfram Alpha has dropped the $50 price tag down to a more reasonable $1.99 should you buy it? Read on to find out.