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How To Securely Remote Control Your Mac From Your iPad (Part Two)

Have an iPad? Have a Mac desktop or laptop? Want to connect to the mothership without the fear of spies seeing everything you're doing? Then this article is for you!

Get Peace Of Mind For Passwords And Account Info With Keybox

For all that sensitive personal data we use everyday, this app offers to keep you safe and secure.

New AppGuide: Best Secure File Locker Apps

We all have files that we do not want everyone seeing. On a desktop there are plenty of encryption apps that safely secure these types of files. Contrary to what some believe, the iPad can also accomplish this same type of encryption with these apps.

QuickAdvice: Keep Your Notes Private With Codebook

Everyone has some notes or thoughts that they want to keep on their device, but worry about it being discovered by prying eyes. Want secure protection? Codebook promises to deliver.

Apple's New Tickle-Me iPhone

First comes Bump, then comes Bump-based encryption. Now, a new patent application shows that Apple wants your iPhones to "excite" each other.