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More than 1,500 apps suffer from a major security vulnerability

The flaw makes it easier for hackers to steal personal information under certain circumstances.

The CIA wants to get into your iPhone

According to a recent Snowden leak, the CIA has been working for years to break the encryption in the iPhone and iPad.

Apple enables two-factor authentication for FaceTime and iMessage

The optional measure helps protect your personal information from hackers.

You really shouldn't be using one of these passwords for your online accounts

SplashData has just published its annual list of the 25 most hacked passwords of 2014.

Snapchat's settlement with FTC over deceitful privacy practices gains final approval

The FTC has announced that it has finalized a settlement with Snapchat.

Lawsuits filed against Apple over retail store employee bag checks dismissed by judge

The ruling is largely based on a recent Supreme Court decision in a similar case involving Amazon.

Apple releases OS X security update to address critical Network Time Protocol issue

Apple has just released a critical security update for OS X users.

PayPal for iOS now lets you save your gift cards and log in using your Security Key

PayPal has just updated its iOS app with a couple of features aimed at further enhancing the app’s convenience and security.

Intel acquires 1Password competitor PasswordBox for its Security Group

The acquisition effectively hires all of PasswordBox’s 48 employees into the Intel Security Group.

'WireLurker' Mac and iOS malware site and perpetrators brought to justice in China

These developments were announced on Friday in a statement by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security.

Apple responds to recently publicized 'Masque Attack' malware app issue

Apple has issued a statement regarding the recently publicized "Masque Attack" security flaw.

Updated: New 'WireLurker' malware found to infect Mac and iOS devices in China

A new malware campaign said to be “the biggest in scale” in its targeting of Mac and iOS users has just been uncovered.

Tim Cook goes to China to discuss security, 'strengthening cooperation'

Mr. Cook goes to China to give them an earful after alleged iCloud attack.

Apple unveils a browser security guide after reports of hacking in China

Apple says its own servers have not been compromised.

Apple reiterates commitment to user privacy following Spotlight Suggestions 'backlash'

The report on the alleged lack of privacy of Apple's Spotlight Suggestions has been greatly exaggerated.

Dropbox says its service is safe following reports of 'massive' hack

Hundreds of usernames and passwords were posted on Reddit by hackers claiming that the login credentials were taken from a "massive" Dropbox hack.

Apple to require app-specific passwords for iCloud starting tomorrow, Oct. 9

Apple is set to require app-specific passwords for third-party apps that connect with iCloud starting tomorrow, Oct. 10.

Apple launches new Web tool for checking status of Activation Lock on iOS devices

Apple has just launched a new Web tool that lets you easily check the Activation Lock status of an iOS device.

Apple knew of iCloud vulnerabilities that led to 'Celebgate' since March 2014

Apple might not have been telling the truth on "Celebgate."

Increase security and convenience with these apps that use Touch ID login in iOS 8

Increase the security and convenience of your login experience by grabbing these apps, now with Touch ID support.

Apple launches campaign focused on user privacy with message from CEO Tim Cook

Apple has today launched a new campaign focused on its commitment to its customers' privacy.

Apple to soon require app-specific passwords for iCloud-connected third-party apps

Apple is set to soon require app-specific passwords for apps that connect with iCloud.