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security flaw

'FREAK' security bug found in Safari

A security flaw in Safari could leave you vulnerable to hacking and spying

Apple Patches A Security Hole That Exposed Personal Contact Information

Another security breach was recently discovered on the Apple website.

A Security Bug Has Been Discovered In Apple's iOS 7

The bug allows someone to access your data without using a passcode.

The Personal Hotspot Feature In iOS Has A Huge Security Flaw

Are you using the personal hotspot feature in iOS? Then you better read this report.

Your iDevice Can Be Hacked In Just Under A Minute With Just A Modified Charger

It's possible to hack an iPhone in just under a minute using just a modified charger.

Armed With Only A Date Of Birth And Email Address, Your Apple Password Can Be Reset

The security flaw involves pasting a modified URL when answering the date of birth security question on Apple’s iForgot site.

New iOS 6.1 Lock Screen Bug Poses Security Threat To iPhone's File System

If you think iOS 6.1 has had more than its fair share of issues, think again.

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.3 Beta That Fixes Troublesome Lock Screen Bug

The new beta version most notably fixes the flaw that allows unauthorized access to the Phone app, photos, contacts, and voicemail.

Bug In iOS 6.1 Could Be Crushed By Apple Before Feb. 20

Apple could crush the latest iOS bug early next week.

Apple Promises To Fix iOS 6.1 Lock Screen Security Bug In Upcoming Software Update

Apple has acknowledged the presence of a newly discovered security bug in iOS 6.1 that allows anyone to bypass the iPhone's lock screen.

Be Very Careful Using iOS 6.1 As New Security Bug Is Uncovered

A security bug has been uncovered in iOS 6.1.

Facebook And Dropbox Apps Vulnerable To Security Hole

Both the Facebook and Dropbox iOS apps are vulnerable to a security hole that can even be accessed on non-jailbroken devices.

Security Exploit Allows Address Bar Spoofing In iOS 5.1

If you're running iOS 5.1, make sure not to open any untrusted links!