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This week in accessories: Seidio Obex waterproof case for the iPhone 6 and more

In this edition, we’re featuring a holiday-themed iPhone case and other companions for your iOS devices.

This week in accessories: Surface Case from Seidio, Crayola iMarker and more

Along with three cases choices for Apple's newest handsets, we're featuring an inexpensive backup battery, and more.

This Week In Accessories: CoverBuddy, Seidio Ledger For The iPhone 5c And More

Calming down after the craziness that was CES 2014, we’re highlighting a unique pair of headphones, a lightweight iPad Air case, and more.

This Week In Accessories: Mummy Case, Astro Backup Battery And More

This week, we’re highlighting a “spooky” iPhone 5s/5 case, a reasonably priced backup battery, and more.

This Week In Accessories: A Beautiful iPhone 5 Dock And More

This week we highlight a unique dock for the iPhone 5, a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones, and more.

Seidio’s Waterproof OBEX Case Now Available For The iPhone 5

The case's anti-reflective glass protects the camera lens while maintaining photo quality.

This Week In Accessories: Holiday Gifts Ideas For iPhone Owners

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, here is a look at some great gift options for any iPhone owner.

This Week In Accessories: A Hands-On Look At Some iPhone 5 Cases

We review five case options for the new iPhone 5 in this week's edition.

This Week In Accessories: iPhone 5 Case Madness, Part 2

We look at 23 case options for the brand new iPhone 5.

Product Review: Seidio's Desktop Charging Cradle Keeps Your iPhone Safe And Steady

Seidio's new Desktop Charging Cradle offers some interesting features that helps it stand out from the crowd.