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My Apple Pay experience at Bloomingdale’s left me feeling Ugg

Apple Pay isn't quite what Apple wants it to be.

Sephora Is Giving Away Some Awesome Apps And Music

Sephora is giving away a few popular apps, including Day One, djay 2 for iPhone, and more.

Passbook: First Look And Apps That Work With It

Passbook is now working with iOS6 and we are finally starting to see some of the apps that are compatible with the service. On today's show we'll check out Passbook in action for the first time, see how to set it up and of course check out what apps now have integration.

Sephora Offering Free Cases For Installing Their App - Here Is How To Get One

When I got an email offering a free iPhone case from Sephora, I just had to investigate. A free case for either the iPhone 3G/S or the iPhone 4? Entirely free, no strings attached? Could it really be?