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Sharp's 'Free-Form Displays' Could Pave The Way For Future Apple Products

The new display technology is entering mass production "at the earliest possible date," according to Sharp.

Future iOS Device Displays Could Be Manufactured By A Foxconn-Sharp Partnership

Could Foxconn and Sharp help Apple move display orders away from Samsung?

With Samsung And Sharp Out, Innolux Will Help Produce Displays For Apple's 'iPhone 6'

Innolux joins LG and JPC as iPhone 6 display manufacturers.

Production Of Apple's 4.7-Inch iPhone To Begin Next Month

Could Apple's 5.5-inch iPhone have already suffered a major setback?

Apple Calls On Samsung Once Again To Make Things Right

Samsung will soon take a central role in producing the high-resolution Retina display screen for the second generation iPad mini.

Sharp Announces OS X Support For Its New 4K Touchscreen Monitor

The $4,000 4K monitor will soon offer OS X support.

Concerned About Apple's Slowing Growth, Sharp Turns To Samsung For Survival

Sharp, concerned about Apple's growth, turns to Samsung for its own survival.

Sharp Reportedly Set To Begin Production Of iPhone 5S Display In June

Sharp is reportedly set to start production of LCD panels for the so-called iPhone 5S as early as next month.

Samsung Buys A Stake In Sharp Which Could Cause More Friction With Apple

Samsung is buying a stake in Sharp, a company that supplies screens to Apple.

Apple To Use IGZO Display Technology For Thinner And Lighter iDevices Next Year?

According to DigiTimes, Apple is considering the possibility of using IGZO displays for its iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini product lineup next year.

Apple Might Have No Choice But To Take A Bite Out Of Sharp

As it struggles to keep operating, Sharp could soon be getting a lifeline from Apple.

Could The iPhone Be Delayed?

Japan's Sharp Corp. has yet to begin mass producing screens for the next iPhone. What could this mean?

Sharp Confirms They Are Supplying Screens For Next iPhone

Japan's Sharp Corp. has let the cat out of the bag. They announced that they will be supplying screens for the next iPhone. Their shipments to Apple begin this month.

Apple Rumored To Give New iPad An Even Newer Screen This Summer

Rumors are swirling about a redesigned iPad coming this summer. Don't believe the hype.

Apple's Largest Manufacturer Getting Closer To Sharp … Again

Foxconn's latest move suggests Apple's iTV could be getting closer to production.

Apple's Largest Manufacturer Getting Closer To Sharp

Sharp, not Samsung could become one of Apple's largest LCD suppliers in the years to come.

Hon Hai Buys Large Chunk Of Sharp, Securing Large Panels For Apple 'iTV'?

Apple's "iTV" plans are falling in place as OEM partner strategies come into sharp focus.

HDTV Controller Company Reportedly Added To Apple's Supply Chain

Industry reports say Genesis Photonics is charged with making LED controllers for Apple's rumored HDTV.

New iPad 3 Rumors: Improved Display But Similar Design?

Now that we're only a few months away from the expected launch of the iPad 3, the Apple rumor mill is grinding out new, exciting (and sometimes ridiculous) rumors every week. The latest batch to hit the Web claim that the third generation iPad will be manufactured between Foxconn and Pegatron, and that the tablet - which should launch around March - will feature an improved display. However, a number of sources have also noted that the physical design of the iPad 3 will be quite similar to that of the iPad 2.

Top AppAdvice News And Apps Of The Past Week

In a quiet week, we learned more about the iPad 3 and Apple's continued stance on gaming subscriptions. Meanwhile, we profiled an amazing card app just in time for the holidays, during the week that was.

WSJ: Sharp To Provide LCD Panels For Next iPad And iPhone

Apple will be using LCD panels from Sharp, Inc. for its iPad 3, according to The Wall Street Journal. In addition, the company is said to be providing the LCD panels for the sixth-generation iPhone as well. Both Apple products are expected in 2012.