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shipping times

Apple Online Store Shipping Estimates Rise - New Products En Route And iPhone 4 No More?

For no apparent reason, the shipping estimates for many products in the Apple Online Store rose recently. The products affected include the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and several Mac products (which are not due to be refreshed for some time).

iPhone 4 Handsets Now Shipping Within 24 Hours In U.S.

Apple's iPhone 4 handset is now shipping quicker than ever, just in time for the Christmas season. Now, the popular handset is shipping "within 24 hours." Great news, if you're thinking of purchasing an iPhone 4 in the coming weeks.

Get Your iPad - Now Shipping Within 24 Hours

If you're thinking about purchasing an iPad, now would be the ideal time. On Apple's online store, shipping times are now "within 24 hours." Great news for potential iPad owners!