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shooter games

Pilots of the Dawn is like Luftrausers but for iOS

Get ready for some intense dogfighting action in this new arcade shooter that is inspired by Vlambeer's Luftrausers.

Gameloft releases Sniper Fury shooter, teases Gods of Rome fighter

The renowned game developer Gameloft has just released a new mobile game. In addition, it has begun teasing its next major title.

Fly and blast your way through Hex Brutal, a twitchy shooter

Are your skills good enough to make it out of this cave alive?

Furious Independence Day boating action comes to Ramboat

For some July Fourth action with a different kind of fireworks, check out this great shooter game.

Run-and-gun your way to saving the world in Gunslugs 2, an action-packed arcade shooter

Gunslugs 2 ups the ante with chaotic run-and-gun action that will keep you coming back for more.

Lay waste to invading aliens in the explosive action of Super Crossfighter

In the mood for a classic arcade shooter with a new twist? Then you need to check out Super Crossfighter.

Blast To Infinity And Beyond In TERM1NUS

How far can you blast through spacetime in Term1nus?

Defeat Aliens And Save The World As Veteran Buzz Killem

Fight off monsters as Buzz Killem, the baddest hero to come to iOS gaming.

Engage In Battle Using Your Amazing Axe Guitar Solos In Bulkypix's Bardbarian

Bardbarian is a clever mix of gameplay elements from different game genres, including arcade, RPG, strategy, tower defense, and shoot-em-up.

Quirky App Of The Day: Meme Face Doodle Uses Famous Characters From Rage Comics

Collect the letters and shoot the obstacles that come flying towards you.

Battle The Undead With Awesome Secondary Weapons In Call Of Mini: Zombies 2

With Call of Mini: Zombies 2, Triniti Interactive introduces secondary weapons and a combo system to the original's zombie-shooting gameplay.

Halfbrick's Age Of Zombies Finally Updated With Retina Graphics Plus New Chapter

Halfbrick Studios has just unleaded a brand new update for its hits dual-stick shooter game, Age of Zombies.

Quirky App Of The Day: Alien Insect Attack Needs Industrial Strength Bug Spray

Blast away waves of alien insects as you try to stay alive on a foreign planet.

Contra: Evolution Set To Run And Gun On iOS With Official Relaunch Later This Week

Set to be officially relaunched this week, Contra: Evolution is the first fully licensed mobile version of Konami's classic run-and-gun shoot 'em up game.

Inheritage: Boundary of Existence Brings An Anime Twist To Shooting Games

Find out who is stealing the world’s energy and save humanity in this side-scrolling shooter game.

Play The Classic Konami Run-And-Gun Game On Your iDevice With Contra: Evolution

You can now play the classic run-and-gun shoot 'em up game from Konami right on your iOS device with the newly released Contra: Evolution.

Can You Take Down Hordes Of Zombies And Survive World War Z?

The official mobile game of "World War Z" has just been released by Paramount.

Enter A Pixelated New World In Popular Dual-Stick Shooter Call Of Mini: Zombies

Things are about to get bloody pixelated in Call of Mini: Zombies.

Lock And Load For Gameloft's Team Fortress-Style Shooter Game Blitz Brigade

For its own take on Team Fortress-style gaming on iOS, Gameloft has launched Blitz Brigade.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters And Men In Black Are Now Respawnables

You've probably heard of the Expendables. But have you heard of the Respawnables?

Journey To Hell And Destroy An Army Of Demons In This Action-Packed Shoot-'Em-Up

Journey to Hell concerns Holy Shield, a secret organization hell-bent on destroying the creatures of hell that roam our world.

Action Shooter Liberation Maiden Breaks Into The App Store

Being essentially a port, Liberation Maiden for iOS carries pretty much the same graphics and gameplay as its source material.

Bomb Your Way Through More Explosive Content In iBomber Attack

Even more explosive content is coming your way in iBomber Attack. And you have only its latest update to thank for that.

The Furries Are Back In The Popular Dual-Stick Shooter Sequel Minigore 2: Zombies

Mountain Sheep's latest dual-stick shooter Minigore 2: Zombies has just received a "furry" update.