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Obliterate foes in Devastator, the new Radiangames shooter

Get intense arcade shooter action with the latest dual-stick shooter release from Radiangames.

Show off your combat boat racing skills in the frantic arcade action of Pixel Boat Rush

In Pixel Boat Rush, combat boat racing is serious business.

Inferno 2 is the ultimate dual-stick shooter RPG for iOS

Inferno 2 from Radiangames is the sequel you've been waiting for.

Are you skilled enough to fend off hordes of invading aliens? Find out in Orbital Wars

Orbital Wars is Space Invaders redux for the modern age.

Obliterate your foes by breaking them down in Shoot A Bit

Do you have what it takes to Shoot A Bit in this challenging arcade shooter?

AppAdvice Daily: Let These Games Be Your Valentine

Looking for love? Then look not further. We have two new games that will melt your heart, on today's AppAdvice Daily.

AppAdvice Daily Is Back With Best New Games Of The Week

AppAdvice Daily is back, and we're featuring the best new games of the week. Let's kick this year off right!

Metal Slug 3 Blasts Its Way Into The App Store - Brings New Features And Intense Nostalgia

SNK Playmore comes out of the blue with this iOS port of a classic arcade shooter. Don't worry, there are some new features thrown in as well.

Dinosaur Assassin Is Not What You Would Expect From A Game With Prehistoric Animals And Motorcycles

Here is a game that should probably be avoided until the developer remodels it from the ground up.

Fling Bricks And Shoot Moles To Save The Princess In Brick Bow HD

Brick Bow HD is a new puzzle shooter for your iDevices. It has it all: a princess, bricks, moles, and a giant tree boss!

Slay Demons And Earn Your Wings With ShootingDemon — Plus Win A Copy!

Oh, no! Demons are attacking the Earth! Play as the angel, Formil, as you try to save mankind in this new shooter game.

Capcom Unleashes Who's That Flying On The App Store

New space shooter hit the App Store called Who's That Flying. The game is also a Universal App and should cost $1.99 in the U.S. App Store.

New AppGuide: Augmented Reality Shooters

Augmented reality apps and shooter apps were made for one another. There is nothing quite like having the battlefield being brought into your own home. There are many different approaches to this genre of AR shooters. We compare the best of them in this AppGuide.

Dual Stick Shooter Showdown - Who Blasts Their Way To The Top?

Dual stick shooters may be the most popular genre in the app store with new ones popping up all the time. We put them to the test to find out which is the best.