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New AppGuide: Skateboarding Games For The iPhone

There are tons of different skateboarding games for the iPhone and even a few for the iPad. There are some that take the serious approach and some that are more goofy. We sort through and compare the best ones out there in this AppGuide.

Tim Chaten

New AppList: Apps For Skateboarders

The iPhone can become a great resource for skateboarders. We have gone through the App Store and found some awesome apps. These include apps to pick up new skating clothes, apps to stay connected to the skateboarding community, and many more. Check them all out in this AppList for skateboarders.

Tim Chaten

Review: Stick Skater

Stick Skater is a skateboarding game that plays closer to Canabalt than Tony Hawk or Skate It. It's currently the fourth best selling app in the App Store. Read on to find out if it's worth $0.99.

Staff Writer

Review: Vans SK8: Pool Service

Shred in an old abandoned rec center pool with pro skaters Bucky Lasek and Omar Hassan as you unlock tons of bonus material, decks, wheels, achievements, and lots of other material in the latest installment from Vans and Fuel Games.

Matt Fox