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Skype for ipad

Skype rolls out free group video calling on iPhone and iPad

Skype has begun rolling out group video calling on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

Skype set to roll out free group video calling on iOS and other mobile platforms

Skype group video calling is coming soon to mobile platforms, including Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and, of course, iOS.

Skype gets an update with maps, calendar events, and more

Now you can check a location, add an event, or call a number with a tap.

Communication apps Skype and Snapchat both receive nice updates

Both apps now support the 3D Touch feature of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Skype 7.1 for Mac features support for OS X Yosemite and more

Microsoft has just released another notable update to the official Mac app of its Skype VoiP and IM service.

Skype chat notifications are about to get much less noisy

Skype notifications for chat messages will soon be delivered only to the device you're currently using.

After A Short Delay, Microsoft Launches Skype 5.0 For iPhone

Skype 5.0 for iPhone is now available to download on the App Store.

Skype Unveils A Big Update To Its iPhone App With A Revamped UI And More

Arriving sometime next week, version 5.0 is more than five times faster than previous versions.

Skype Now Supports HD Video Calls On iPhone 5s, iPad Air And Retina iPad mini

Microsoft has just issued a small yet significant update to the official iPhone and iPad apps of its popular video calling service, Skype.

Skype's iOS Apps Get A Leaner, Cleaner Design For iOS 7

Skype's iOS applications have been updated for iOS 7.

Skype Update Brings High-Definition Video Calling To The iPhone 5 And iPad 4

Along with general improvements to call quality and stability, version 4.10 of the apps also feature a redesigned country code picker on the dial pad.

Skype Users Can Now Record And Send Video Clips Worldwide For Free

You can now record and send video clips via Skype.

New Calling Experience Dialed Into Skype For iPhone And iPad

Both iPhone and iPad editions of the official iOS client of Skype have been updated today with several improvements.

Skype For iPhone Update Brings Automatic Reconnection Feature

The iPhone version of the popular chat client now offers the automatic reconnection feature that appeared in the iPad edition earlier this week.

Skype For iPad Update Includes The Ability To Add Cash To An Account And More

Microsoft has pushed an update out for Skype for iPad.

Photo Sharing Comes To Skype Apps

You can now send and receive photos with Skype on the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad thanks to a new update.

Skype Apps Now Come With Bluetooth Support And Security Improvements

Skype has today released updates to both of its iOS apps. Each now includes Bluetooth support for the first time plus some other goodies.

Beware The Skype For iPhone App, For Now

Here’s some smart advice to those readers that use the Skype for iPhone app: Be very careful. A new vulnerability has been uncovered that could help hackers steal personal information from your iPhone.

The Best iPad Apps Of The Week, July 31-August 6, 2011

Here they are, the best iPad apps of the past week.

AppAdvice Daily: iTunes Replay Coming Soon, Skype For iPad, And Ibis Mail Giveaway

iTunes Replay coming soon, Skype for iPad is here, and win a free download for Ibis Mail for iPad, one of the best third party mail apps for the iPad.

Google Voice Goes International, Some Prices Lowered

One year after the service debuted for U.S. customers only, Google Voice is going international. The service, which allows you to call anyone on a mobile phone or landline via Gmail, arrives in 150 destinations across 38 languages this week.

First Look: Skype For iPad

It’s finally here: Skype for iPad. And this is AppAdvice’s first look at this amazing product.

Skype For iPad Is Now Back In The App Store

What a drama. First, "Skype for iPad" appeared in the App Store. Then it was pulled. Now, we're hearing that the application is back again, and can be downloaded for free.