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Today’s apps gone free: Dreamdays HD, Wingman, Tesla Toy and more

Today’s AGF list includes a reference app, BAC level calculator, and interactive toy.

How restless are you at night? Sleep++ will show you

Just wear your Apple Watch to bed and find out how well you really sleep each night.

Use your iPhone to help you sleep better in 2015

Download these apps and fall asleep peacefully.

Today’s apps gone free: 9 Clues, Split Wizard, Sleep and more

Today’s AGF list includes an adventure game, a finance app, and a health app.

Kickstarted: Sense is a smart, hassle-free sleep tracking solution for iOS

Sense, a new Kickstarter project from Hello, offers users the smartest sleep tracking solution we've seen yet.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Gets A Backup Alarm Feature, Philips Hue Support

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is now smarter than ever thanks to its most recent update.

Withings Takes The Covers Off Its New Smart Sleep System At CES

Withings wants to monitor your sleep using its new product.

Wake Up And Get Moving With The Help Of These iPhone Alarm Clock Apps

Replace your old school alarm clock with these apps.

To Bed Will Make Sure You Don't Forget To Hit The Sack

You've been putting sleep on the back burner for much too long.

Make Your Dreams Sweeter With These Wonderful Sleep Apps

From alarm clocks to sleep trackers, there's something here to help everyone sleep peacefully.

MotionX Makes Their Sleep App Even Heartier

In this week's release of v4.5, Sleep contains enhancements to the heart rate monitoring feature and some improvements to log compatibility.

App Synergy: How To Sleep With Your Apps

In this week's App Synergy, I put down my apps and get some sleep.

AppGuide Updated: Sleeping Aid Apps

Many of us have trouble sleeping at night. Here are some apps that can help. Whether you are looking for a self-hypnosis app, a guided sleep app, or simply soothing sounds to block out random night noises, find something to help you sleep in this AppGuide.

AppGuide Updated: Sleeping Aid Apps

With all of life's many complications, it is not uncommon for people to have some kind of sleeping disorder. The apps in this AppGuide can aid many in their quest for better sleep, whether it includes getting to sleep or staying asleep. In this update, we have added Relax and Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold, which is a hypnotherapy solution that has worked on plenty of people even before the world of iOS existed.

New AppList: Apps To Have A Good Night Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Having difficulties finding that peaceful rest at the end of a long day? You are not alone. There are perhaps millions in your shoes. Let us walk you through how your iOS device can help you enjoy a good night sleep.

New AppGuide: Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

For many people, alarm clocks are essential to get the day going. With the iPhone starting to replace so many of our daily devices, it is only fitting that we have an AppGuide to present the top apps to replace your physical alarm clock.

Sleep Tracker Will Help You Track Your Zzzz's

There are some incredible sleep apps available to improve your night's rest but few go as in depth with the analysis as Sleep Tracker.

WakeMate 2.0 Is Sleek and Simple

WakeMate's 2.0 update streamlines and refines several of its key features.

Save The Night From Bad Dreams In Bubbledreams

The fate of a child's sleep is in your hands. Can you prevent the nightmares by matching correct pairs of bubbles?

Get Better Sleep With Your iPhone And Win A Free WakeMate

Though not without flaws, WakeMate is an impressive set of technologies that really do help you get more mileage out of less sleep. We're giving one away, read on for details!

Pzizz Apps No Longer Free, But Now On Summer Madness Sale - $0.99 Each!

The top sleep aid apps, pzizz sleep and pzizz energizer, are on sale for a limited time right now! Read on to find out why you should spend $0.99 on at least one of these great applications...

New Applist: Apps To Help You Sleep!

Had a hard day? Need to relax? How about trying some of these great apps to help you calm down and get a good night's sleep?

Review: Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Do you feel like you need more sleep every time you wake up? Wouldn't you like to feel alert and ready? Then you should try out Sleep Cycle alarm clock.