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sleep apps

MotionX Makes Their Sleep App Even Heartier

In this week's release of v4.5, Sleep contains enhancements to the heart rate monitoring feature and some improvements to log compatibility.

The Next Generation Of MotionX Sleep For The Latest Generation iPhone

For Sleep v4.0, MotionX has done a substantial overhaul and retooling that adds iPhone 5 support, heart rate recording, and greater efficiency.

Clear Sky Apps Fluffs Sleep Pillow, Giving A Refreshed Feel

Sleep Pillow hasn't needed much more, however, Clear Sky Apps has gone ahead and added a couple nice features, plus refreshed the user interface, including support for iPhone 5.

LARK's $99 Sleeping Coach And App Arrives Today

Leading sleep experts have released LARK, a new personalized coaching accessory that helps people improve their sleep. The service, along with the free LARK app, arrives today nationwide.