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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Gets A Backup Alarm Feature, Philips Hue Support

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is now smarter than ever thanks to its most recent update.

Get Better Sleep With Your iPhone And Win A Free WakeMate

Though not without flaws, WakeMate is an impressive set of technologies that really do help you get more mileage out of less sleep. We're giving one away, read on for details!

New AppGuide: Sleeping Aid Apps

Millions of people have trouble finding rest at night. There are some fantastic apps on both the iPhone and iPad that can help you fall asleep faster and wake up with peace and energy. We have gone through and found some of the best apps. Let's compare them in this AppGuide for sleeping aid apps.

New AppGuide: Alarm Clock Apps For The iPad

The iPad has a great speaker and screen, which makes the iPad a perfect candidate for an alarm clock replacement. This AppGuide will showcase the very best alarm clocks apps for the iPad.