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Facebook yanks Slingshot, Riff and Rooms from the App Store

All three apps were from the Creative Labs division, which was officially shuttered.

Facebook's Snapchat-like Slingshot gets new 'Explore' mode

Facebook's Slingshot has received another new feature thanks to its latest update.

Facebook updates Rooms and Slingshot with new features and improvements

Facebook has just updated both its Rooms and Slingshot apps for iOS with new features and improvements.

Facebook tries to emulate Snapchat once again with the introduction of Slingshot 2.0

The updated app now works like the Snapchat Stories feature.

Facebook updates Slingshot with significant change to app's unique feature

Facebook has just updated Slingshot with a change that somewhat undermines the very feature that makes the app unique.

Facebook updates Snapchat competitor Slingshot with several enhancements

Facebook has issued yet another major update to its post-Poke Snapchat competitor, Slingshot.

Facebook updates Snapchat rival Slingshot to support reactions to reactions

Facebook has just issued the first major update to its Snapchat competitor, Slingshot.

AppAdvice International: iPhone Trade-Ins Reach Italy, New EU Store And More

This week, Apple launched its iPhone trade-in program in Italy, it launched a new EU store, and Facebook's Slingshot went international.

Facebook's Slingshot Goes International Just A Week After Official Launch

Facebook's recently released Snapchat competitor, Slingshot, has gone international, just a week after its launch.

Get Creative And Sling Silly Shots To Your Facebook Friends With Slingshot

Will Slingshot from Facebook make you replace Snapchat?

Snapchat To Introduce 'Our Story' At The Electric Daisy Carnival In Las Vegas

Snapchat will soon introduce Our Story, which allows users at the same location to contribute Snaps to the same story.

Facebook's Snapchat Competitor Slingshot Officially Launches On App Store

The new Facebook photo and video sharing app launches today.

Facebook Reportedly Set To Officially Launch Snapchat Rival Slingshot Tomorrow

Facebook is reportedly set to officially launch its new Slingshot app tomorrow, June 17.

Update: Facebook Introduces Slingshot, Yet Another Snapchat Competitor

To unlock shots from friends, you’ll have to first send them an image yourself.

Use The New Slingshot App To Share Your iPhone Or iPad Screen With Anyone

Targeted at the business market, the app also features a number of collaboration tools.

The Worms Are Ready For Payback in Worm Vs Birds

Chillingo has come out with a fresh, fantastic slingshot game.

Product Review: The SlingShot

The SlingShot puts other smartphone camera mounts to shame.

Stabilize Your Video With The SLINGSHOT

Stabilize your video, have hands-free FaceTime calls, or set up your iPhone on a tripod with this Kickstarter project.

"Spoing" Another In A Long Line Of Pick-Up-And-Play Chillingo Hits

"Spoing" (and its HD iPad counterpart) is a fun, new action platformer with slingshot controls.

Review: Chuck Gnome - Ready, Aim, Chuck Gnome!

There's a funny thing about gnomes, and an even funnier thing when you're slinging them into targets. Get ready to chuck gnomes in this carnival style shooter witha storybook theme. Read on to find out if it's worth picking up.