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slingshot racing

Today’s apps gone free: Slingshot Racing, Newton, Zippy and more

Today’s AGF list includes a racing game, a math game, and a task manager.

Shoot For The Gold Against Worldwide Competitors In Slingshot Racing's Online Multiplayer Matches

Announced a couple of weeks ago, the first major update to Slingshot Racing has arrived. As noted, the primary addition is online multiplayer support. Although, it seems Crescent Moon and Snowbolt Interactive were able to toss in a handful of other goodies before sending v1.1 off to the App Store review team.

Slingshot Racing Is On The Right Track Toward Multiplayer Gaming

Crescent Moon Games' Slingshot Racing is about to get the Draw Something treatment.

Cheaply Expand Your Mobile Game Library With Crescent Moon's Limited Time Summer Sale

Whether Pocket RPG, Paper Monsters, Slingshot Racing, or Mutant Storm, it doesn't matter because Crescent Moon has placed many of their popular games on sale for a limited time.

A New Genre Of Racing Emerges In Slingshot Racing

Stylish steampunk-style artwork. Butter-smooth controls. Rocking same device multiplayer. You'll be blown away.

Shoot Past Opponents In Crescent Moon's Upcoming Slingshot Racing

Crescent Moon Games, publisher of Paper Monsters and Kids vs Goblins, has partnered with Cambridge-based developer Snowbolt Interactive to launch their first racing game, Slingshot Racing.