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smart cover

Apple works its magic on new storefront display featuring iPad Smart Covers

Apple is working its own brand of magic to call attention to a new storefront display featuring iPad Smart Covers.

Apple's Latest Patent Could See Notification LEDs Arrive On iPad Smart Covers

Apple's Smart Cover could receive a built-in notification system, according to one recently discovered patent.

Should You Buy Apple's Smart Cover For iPad Air?

Is Apple's Smart Cover for iPad Air a worthy purchase?

Apple Discontinues All But Dark Gray Smart Covers, Cases For Older 9.7-Inch iPads

Apple has discontinued most color options for its iPad 2 Smart Covers and Cases.

Miniot Launches New Wooden Cover For Apple's iPad mini

Miniot has a new product available to purchase: its Miniot Cover for iPad mini.

Review: Get Smart With WaterField Designs' Secure And Stylish iPad Smart Case

Have you been searching for an impressive Apple Smart Case alternative? Then look no further.

Cover It Up: Apple Launches New Smart Covers, Smart Cases For iPad

Apple has announced a new line of iPad covers and cases.

Lots To Cover: Apple Could Launch Surface-Style Keyboard Cover For iPad

Apple has been experimenting with a Microsoft Surface-style keyboard cover for its iPad, according to a recent report.

Smart Cover-Equipped iPads Can Shut Off Implanted Defibrillators

According to new research, Apple's Smart Cover-equipped iPads can stop implanted defibrillators from working.

Design Of The iPad, iPhone 4 Among Five Patents Granted To Apple

Apple won five patents this week covering the design of the iPhone 4, iPad, and some well-known accessories

The Smarter Stand Is Now Shipping For The iPad, iPad mini

The Smarter Stand, which started as a Kickstarter project, is now on sale. Available in multiple colors, the stand works with the iPad 2 and later, and with the iPad mini.

Why Apple’s Smart Cases Aren’t So Smart, At Least For The iPad 4

If you're buying an iPad with Retina display, don't buy a new Smart Cover or Smart Case without reading this first.

Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad Just Got A Little Bit Smarter: A Hands-On Accessory Review

AppAdvice goes hands-on with the Lifelike Apps creator’s newest invention. If you want more viewing angles from your Smart Cover, you’ll want to read this.

AppAdvice Daily: Our Favorite Cases For The New iPad

Need a new case for your new iPad? We've rounded up some of the best on today's show.

Dissatisfied Smart Cover Owner Gets Clever With A D.I.Y. Modification

Just when you thought coffee couldn't get any better, it does.

Old Smart Covers Will Work On (But Not Necessarily With) Your New iPad

While most legacy accessories work fine with the new iPad, some Smart Covers are acting up.

This Smart Cover For iPhone Has Already Reached Its Funding Goal On Kickstarter

An accessory that is rather a lot like a Smart Cover for iPhone has recently reached its funding goal on Kickstarter.

Evernote Peek Update Adds Virtual Smart Covers

Evernote Peek is now available to ALL iPad owners thanks to the latest update.

How To Prevent Anyone From Hacking Into Your iPad Using A Smart Cover

Late yesterday, 9 To 5 Mac broke a pretty serious story that will affect anyone using a Smart Cover with an iPad 2. Apparently, this popular combination presents a significant security flaw.

An Amazing Concept: SmartKeyboard - A Smart Cover Keyboard For Your iPhone

The iPhone doesn't feature a physical keyboard, and likely never will. However, one group of people are looking into creating a clip-on keyboard, which users could attach to their smart phone just like a Smart Cover. The accessory, called a "SmartKeyboard," is little more than a concept. However, as TUAW notes, it has potential.

Evernote Peek Gets An Update, Adds Support For Audio Clues

The popular, free application for Apple's second generation iPad, Evernote Peek, has recently received an update. Now, users of the app can enjoy hearing audio clues, and interacting with study notebooks that have been shared with others.

Smart Cover Enhancer: Protect The Back Of Your Smartly Covered iPad 2

Smart Cover Enhancer is a new iPad 2 accessory that can protect the back of your second generation iPad. The accessory will go on sale at the end of this month, and will be available for $34.99.

Forget The Smart Cover, Buy A Wood Cover For Your iPad 2 Instead.

Tired of hearing about Apple’s Smart Cover line for the iPad 2? Want your new tablet to standout? Consider buying the new Miniot Cover for iPad 2 made from wood.

The Product Of The Year Could Actually Be The Smart Cover

While Apple will make billions on the iPad 2, its line of Smart Covers could do quite well too. The $12-to-produce item could add millions to Apple's bottom line.