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smart covers

Cover Me: A Hands-On Look At Apple's New Smart Covers And Cases

AppAdvice got a look at Apple's newest accessories for the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display.

Cover It Up: Apple Launches New Smart Covers, Smart Cases For iPad

Apple has announced a new line of iPad covers and cases.

Is Apple Prepping Smarter Covers For The iPad 5?

Smart Covers for the iPad 5 could look slightly different than the current model.

Exclusive: Introducing The Smarter iPad Stand

Say hello to the Smarter iPad Stand, whose creator is looking for funding now on Kickstarter.

Old Smart Covers Will Work On (But Not Necessarily With) Your New iPad

While most legacy accessories work fine with the new iPad, some Smart Covers are acting up.

Possible New Smart Cover May Offer Full iPad Protection

Apple may be close to introducing a Smart Cover that offers complete device protection, according to a report.

Apple Revamps Smart Cover Line

Apple today revamped its Smart Cover line for the iPad 2 for the very first time. Gone is the orange polyurethane cover, replaced with a dark gray model, among other tweaks. These changes, which are not yet reflected on Apple’s Smart Cover page, were first announced by Mac Rumors.

Samsung Quickly Kills Smart Case Line In Attempt To Avoid Apple's Wrath

Remember those Smart Cases for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet that looked eerily similar to Apple’s patented Smart Cover line for the iPad 2? They’re now gone and no longer for sale

Not Smart: Samsung Allegedly Copies Apple Again [Updated]

Samsung should expect another lawsuit from Apple. The tech giant recently approved the Smart Case for the company’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. And yes, you guessed it; the case looks exactly like Apple’s own line of Smart Covers, right down to the colors, in news first reported by 9 To 5 Mac.

First App To Use Smart Cover Technology Now Available For iPad

The iPad 2 is even better with Apple’s line of Smart Covers. Now, the world’s first app for use with those covers has come to the App Store courtesy of Evernote.

HyperShield: How Good Is The iPad 2 Back Cover Apple Forgot?

Is the HyperShield Back iPad 2 cover worth $20? Find out here.

HyperShield: The iPad 2 Back Cover Apple Forgot

Apple’s Smart Covers are the perfect fit for the iPad 2. Unfortunately, they don't protect the backside of the iDevice. Now the folks at HyperShield have released their line of Back Covers for the iPad 2.

A Simple Hack Lets Original iPad Owners Enjoy Smart Covers Too

Thanks to a simple hack, original iPad owners can also use Apple’s revolutionary Smart Cover on their tablet. And guess what? It's a cheap fix too.

Can You Guess How Many Magnets Are On The iPad 2's Smart Cover?

While only one magnet is actually used to turn off the iPad 2, there are many more underneath. A huge number actually.

What Are Apple’s New Smart Covers Really Hiding?

While much of the attention has focused on the iPad 2 itself, there is something else coming from Apple tomorrow, the new Smart Covers. But are they hiding a functionality we don't yet know about?

Apple Special Event Roundup: iPad 2, iOS 4.3, But No MobileMe Refresh

Apple's special event in San Francisco has just concluded, and Steve Jobs - who was on stage, despite his ill health - announced a variety of new products. After reporting on each aspect of the event as it happened, we've now compiled this "roundup" post, which essentially tells you everything that happened in the last couple of hours.

Apple Releasing Line of iPad 2 Smart Covers

Along with the new iPad 2, Apple will release a new line of Smart Covers for the device. They come in poly and leather.

Apple Announces The Second Generation iPad

Apple has just announced the second generation iPad at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. We’ve included a list of the iPad 2’s features below. However, be sure to keep refreshing the page, because we’re going to be continually updating this article as more news becomes available.