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smart phone market

New Study Claims 54 Percent Of Near-Term Smart Phone Buyers Looking To Get An iPhone 4S

A new study from ChangeWave claims that more than half of the potential smart phone customers in North America are planning on purchasing an iPhone 4S handset.

A Massive 89 Percent Of iPhone Owners Will Stick With Apple, Survey Claims

According to a recent survey, 89 percent of iPhone owners will stick with Apple when it comes to purchasing their next smart phone handset. This figure placed Apple ahead of every other manufacturer in terms of smart phone retention rate, with HTC's 39 percent earning the company the position of second place.

Apple Could Gain Even More Market Share With The Release Of iPhone 5

Android's market share may tower over the iPhone's, but that doesn't mean Google's mobile operating system is invincible. In fact, Android's smart phone market share recently declined, leading one analyst to believe that Android will lose even more market share once the iPhone 5 hits stores.

IDC's Long Term Forecast - iOS To Lose Market Share, Android & Windows Phone To Gain

IDC has recently released a new long term forecast for the worldwide smart phone markets, in which the group sees the iOS' market share decrease by 2015 and Android's to increase.