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smartphone market

Apple's US Smartphone Usage Share Is Still Increasing, Report Claims

Apple's iPhone is continuing to see higher levels of usage in the United States compared against that of its competitors.

Apple Holds Over 40 Percent Of US Smartphone Subscribers, But Samsung Is Gaining

The latest data on the state of the U.S. smartphone market is in.

Apple's Smartphone Growth In Q2 2013 Was The Slowest It's Been In 4 Years

Though the smartphone market as a whole grew during Q2 2013, Apple's iPhone didn't do so well.

IDC Reports Impressive iPhone Growth In China

Apple's share of the smartphone market in China is increasing, according to a recent study.

Remarkable Twitter Heat Map Puts Smartphone Market Share Into Perspective

One interesting interactive map places shows how the location of iPhone users differers from those of Android, BlackBerry, and other smartphone owners.

The iPhone 4S Launch Propels China To Become The Largest Smartphone Market

China has 22 percent of the world smartphone market, the United States has 16 percent.