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For most the contacts app included on the iPhone is good enough. However, for those who are feeling unsatisfied with Apple's offering can check out the apps in this AppGuide to get more functionality. We have also updated this AppGuide to include Tacts, which is amazingly intuitive as well as feature rich.

Greg Sapienza

Sure, Apple's new iMesseger may have been announced recently, but with so many people without iDevices, it may be of use to look at these texting app and dodge the bill that you carrier is eager to give to you.

Greg Sapienza

Groups! Free Takes Contact Management A Step Further

Have you ever wanted a better way to manage your contacts? When iOS 4.2 was released, the addition of folders should have been extended to the contacts application. Without better grouping options, it's a little frustrating trying to manage all those contacts. Groups! Free lets you take control of your contacts, while adding a few useful features along the way.

Brian Mongold

Apple Granted Patent For SMS Filtration Service

Apple has recently been awarded a patent which could allow iPhone owners to filter outgoing messages sent on their handsets. Some have also mused that this patent could put an end to "sexting" for some. Read on to find out more...

Joe White