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smurfs' village

Crime doesn't pay with the arrival of Detective Smurf in the free-to-play Smurfs' Village

Smurfs' Village has received another content update, featuring Detective Smurf and other enhancements.

Ahoy, Mateys! Raise Yer Sails For A New Pirate Adventure In Smurfs' Village

Smurfs' Village has just received a swashbucklin' update.

You're Going To Love The New, Sweet And Tasty Update To Smurfs' Village

If you're a fan of Smurfs' Village, then you're bound to love the latest update to the popular Smurftastic simulation game for iOS.

Smurfs' Village Gets Royally Updated For One Smurftastic Holiday Season

Smurfs' Village has just been updated for the holidays.

Have More Smurfy Fun With Clown Smurf And Magician Smurf In Smurfs' Village

Smurfs' Village, the wildly popular simulation game starring the titular blue mushroom-dwelling creatures, has received another content update.

Smurfs' Village Welcomes Gutsy Smurf, Halloween Decorations And More

The wildly popular iOS simulation game Smurfs' Village has just gotten another major update.

New Smurfs' Village Update Will Take You Out Of This World

Smurfs' Village has just received an update that's out of this world.

Oh Disney, You Really Stepped In It This Time

When you think of Disney, you probably think of The Magic Kingdom, Mickey Mouse, and your favorite Disney movie. At the end of the day, however, Disney, like every other publicly traded company, has one goal and that is to make money. Case in point, the “free” Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time game available in the App Store.

Freemium's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

Freemium is certainly present in the App Store, but it is based on business model that isn’t as reliable or straightforward as paid apps. Compounding this is the demand of customers to get free content from the Web.

Apple Faces Lawsuit Over In-App Purchases

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple for allowing kids to make in-app purchases without parental permission. The suit, filed by Garen Meguerian of Pennsylvania, blames Apple for "unlawful exploitation of children."

No More Expensive Smurfberries, As Apple Changes Policy

Faced with a possible FTC investigation and growing concerns by consumers, Apple has implemented a new policy regarding how purchases are made within apps. The changes became effective with the new iOS 4.3 update and address how in-app purchases are approved.

FTC To Investigate Apple's In-App Purchase System

This isn’t surprising: The Federal Trade Commission is expected to review Apple’s in-app purchase system. This comes after the company has been heavily criticized for how easy it is to make purchases, especially for children.

Apple Has "Strong Words" With Smurfs' Village Game Developer Over In-App Purchases

Smurf's Village is a top selling game in the App Store. But, Apple has a problem with that, and it might have a huge effect on how in-app purchases are handled in the future.

Those Adorable Blue Smurfs Could Cost You A Lot Of Money

Parents should pay careful attention to this story. The Smurfs' Village game is free, but its in-app purchases could cost you. Read more ...

Review: Smurfs' Village - The Smurfs Take On Freemium

Smurfs' Village is a new Freemium game with farming and building just with a Smurf theme. Read on to find out all about it.

Help Rebuild The Smurfs' Village In Capcom's New Simulation Game

Gargamel has struck again, causing the Smurfs to scramble in despair from the latest attempt of their enemy to capture them. Fearing the possibility of a trap, the group mustn't return to their previous village. It's your job to help them start anew.