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Social Media

Share your story with amazing pictures on Showzee

Combine photos and videos to create your own mini story and then share it with others.

Clean up your Pinterest boards with PinCheck

Are you fed up with broken links on your Pinterest pins, but don’t have time to check every one? Use this handy app to check them for you.

Will you pull the plug on Facebook to save your battery?

According to recent testing, the Facebook app on iOS appears to still be a burden on your battery.

Become 360-degree Spinnable with this new way to socialize

A new social media app lets you connect with others and experience what they see with 360-degree photos and videos.

Get smart Twitter filtering with Pickador

Pick and choose the tweets you want to see more of and this app will filter them for you.

Listen to tunes and post to all accounts at once with SoFlow

Check feeds and create posts for several social media accounts simultaneously, including Instagram and Tumblr.

Tired of tweeting on Twitter? Hop over and hoot on Hooti

Give a hoot with this new social networking app that makes your posts disappear.

New Facebook Sports Stadium lets you enjoy games with pals

See live scores, comment on plays, and feel like you are all watching together with this new sports feature for Facebook.

Periscope is now live on Twitter for iOS

No need to open Periscope, you can now see those broadcasts in your Twitter feed.

Get rewarded for spreading positivity with Pozify

Socialize in an inspirational, motivational, and an uplifting environment.

Facebook Messenger gets 3D Touch, requests and snowflakes

A wintery update to this popular messaging app has you seeing snow no matter where you live.

Facebook is bringing offline comments and improved feeds

Facebook is making updates to their app for those with slow or no Internet connection.

Grab your pals and create your own content click with Riple

Join a group, create your own, and then easily share awesome content with friends.

Join a live call, share photos and interact with Unmute

Be a part of live calls anywhere in the world. Add your comments, share your photos, or just listen in.

Flickr now supports 3D Touch and Spotlight Search

Preview photos and notifications using just a slight press with this updated, popular, photo sharing app.

Post multiple photos to Twitter with the updated Linky

A healthy update to this social sharing app lets you post multiple photos, shorten URLs, and get better image suggestions.

Be social and express yourself without a trail using Jotnote

Share what’s on your mind with words, photos, or videos with this new social networking app.

Exchange favors with friends using AskAround

Give and take with this app that provides a handy way for you and your friends help each other.

YouTube gets a nice redesign and handy editing tools

New gesture control, video editing, and easier channel access is rolling out to users.

Which side of the Wishbone would you pick?

Pick a side on trending topics and see if you are in the majority with this fun, social app.

Which social channel will you tune into with Affimity?

Join a community of those who share your passions and interests with this new app.

Get there in single a tap with Twitter Bookmarks

Check on a friend, open a list, or do a Twitter search the simple way with this new app.

Start browsing, Google+ Collections are now available on iOS

This new feature has ventured into iOS territory. So, enjoy browsing, following, and creating Collections.

Discover and create with awesome music on Vine

Get with it and add music to your vines now with a terrific update.