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Social Media

You no longer have to be a square when using Instagram

Your photos and videos can now look even better than before.

Game on, the leaderboard returns to Swarm by Foursquare

A great update gets the game back on the field with this fun social app.

Buddypass helps you fill your social calendar

Meeting new friends should be easy. Find people who share your interests right in your neighborhood.

What’s your number? Don’t worry, Numerous has it

See your important numbers or just some interesting ones with this updated app.

Vero – True Social: Share what you love with who you love

A new social media app lets you control what you share with whom. Widen your circle or keep it small, it’s up to you.

Take a private walk down Chat Alley

Meet that cute guy or gal at the next table by sending a fun, flirty message.

Explore even more in real-time with Instagram

Recent updates bring more ways to browse Instagram.

New to the city? Make some friends with Likealike

Meet up with an intimate group of friends who like what you like.

Show everyone how you really feel with Moodsy

Are you feeling cheerful, crushed, or just a little cranky today? Let the world know with a tap.

Finally, your Facebook News Feed your way

Lucky iOS users will see some long-awaited updates for Facebook.

Good-bye Mr. Numb Thumb, Snapchat gets a nice update

Check out the cool updates for this popular photo and video snapping app.

Tings dares you to share your voice to connect with others

Sing your heart out or just speak your mind with this new audio social media app.

Get more likes on Instagram or Facebook with TagsDock

Get more interaction with your posts by using the hottest hashtags.

The best social media apps for Apple Watch include Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Stay up to date with the best in social media apps for your Apple Watch.

DilemmaMatch helps you find your soul mates on Facebook

A recent update to DilemmaMatch makes it even easier to use the app to find your soul mate.

How to effectively use Hootsuite features for multiple accounts

Hootsuite offers some great timesaving features for multiple account users.

The Spayce app lets you see memories in real time

A new social media app called Spayce allows you to view and share memories in real time.

Birdbrain Is Back: Gets Optimized For iOS 7, Adds Useful Twitter Graphs

Birdbrain, the useful Twitter stats app, has received an update for iOS 7.

Storify Comes To The iPad

Social Media is in your hands with Storify. Create your own news stories from Twitter, Instagram and more.

The Future Of Twitter And News: Down The Algorithmic Rabbit Hole

Twitter is turning their focus more on algorithm-based services for news consumption.

Twitter Buys Summify: What Does This Mean For Its Users?

Twitter just purchased the social summarizing tool Summify.

Find Great Savings Near You With Craigspass

Craigspass - Save where you are! is a shopping app that creates a list of amazing deals near you. Every item is at least 50 percent off the retail price.

Share Your Favorite Memories With Nostalgiqa

Nostalgiqa is a social networking app that takes digital interaction to a whole new level. Instead of mundane postings from your friends about a new outfit, this app encourages you to tap into your past and share your memories with others.