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New Apple Job Listing Indicates That Future iDevices Could Be Solar Powered

Could our future iDevices be solar powered? One new Apple job listing appears to suggest as much.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Mini Ninjas, Solar, Puppet Workshop And More

Today's AGF list includes an endless runner, a weather app, and a creative art app.

After A Long Winter, Solar Update Brings iPhone 5 Support

Along with finally supporting the larger screen of the new handset, Solar now offers improved GPS and temperature accuracy.

With BestForecast, Has Solar Finally Weathered Its GPS And Temperature Inaccuracy?

Solar : Weather, the so-called “Clear of weather apps,” has just been updated with further performance improvements.

The Newly Updated Solar Is Quite Possibly The Coolest Weather App Under The Sun

Hollr has issued its first ever update to Solar, which delivers improved temperature accuracy, among other enhancements.

AutoRap, Solar And Scratch - Best Apps Of The Week!

Today Robin's getting funky in the studio, checking out the weather, and jotting down some quick notes. That's right we're featuring the hottest apps of the week on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Solar - The Clear Of Weather Apps

It seems that the latest trend in the App Store are weather apps. So how does Solar stack up? Let's find out.

Weather Has Never Been Cooler, So Says New Weather App Solar

Really? Two weather apps highlighted in one day? Specifically, two weather apps whose names refer to the sun highlighted on a Sunday? Incredible.

Apple Patent Shows Us How The Sun Can Keep Our iPhones Going

It turns out the leaked next generation iPhone's transparent casing may be meant for more than just revamped eye candy and to allow the passing of all those radio signals. What about helping combat battery drain?