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Songza to shut down on Jan. 31 in favor of Google Play Music

The inevitable is about to happen: Songza will soon be no more.

Google Play Music gains Songza integration featuring activity-based stations

Google Play Music has just been updated with its first integration with Songza.

Google Acquires Curation-Focused Music Streaming Service Songza

Google has acquired the popular music streaming service Songza.

Google Reportedly Considering Acquiring Songza To The Tune Of $15 Million

Google is said to be in talks to acquire the popular music streaming service Songza.

Video On Demand: Songza Now Lets You Play The Music Videos For Your Fave Songs

Songza, the popular music streaming app that's arguably superior to Apple's own iTunes Radio, has just received another notable update.

Google Confirms New Chromecast-Compatible iOS Apps Are Incoming

Google's Chromecast is set to get even better for iDevice users.

Thumbs Up! iTunes Radio Competitor Songza Adds New Section For Favorite Songs

Songza, one of the more noteworthy competitors to Apple's iTunes Radio, has just received another update that is likely to be given the thumbs up by many of the app's users.

Songza Gets Updated For iOS 7 With New Edge-To-Edge Now Playing Screen

Songza has just been updated for iOS 7. Or at least on iPhone and iPod touch, it has.

Will You Join The Club? Songza Launches Ad-Free Subscription Service On iOS

Songza has just officially launched Club Songza, its very own ad-free subscription service.

Songza To Introduce New Ad-Free Subscription Service At $0.99 Per Week

Songza is about to go premium in a bid to earn considerably more revenue than it currently does with its free ad-supported model.

Comparing iTunes Radio To Pandora, Spotify And Other Streaming Music Services

Apple's iTunes Radio is ready to take on the other players in the streaming music business. Here's our first look at how it compares to some of the others.

Monday App Updates: Great Apps That Just Got Better For May 6, 2013

Each Monday, AppAdvice presents some recently updated apps worth checking out. This week’s list features lots of text, stocks, and free music.

Wake Up To Your Favorite Smart Playlist With The Updated Version Of Songza

Songza, which is hands down my favorite music app, has just been updated with several improvements.

Songza Goes Universal: New iPad Version Comes Complete With Innovative Music Concierge

Originally designed for iPhone and iPod touch only, Songza is now fully optimized for iPad.

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Free Music Streaming App Songza Gets Updated

One of our favorite free music apps, Songza, just got better!