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Watch the International Space Station's live feed on the go with ISS Live Video

Blast off into space and look down on Earth from the ISS in this great new app.

Rogue Star is an intense, close-up space brawler that's just launched on iOS

Sci-fi fans can take to the skies and fight across the galaxy in Rogue Star for iOS.

The Upcoming Space Colors For iOS Looks Like It'll Be A Blast

Space Colors is an upcoming, fast-paced sci-fi shooter that looks to be out of this world.

Plunder Away! PlunderNauts Gets A New Galaxy, New Bosses And Lots More

The fun sci-fi app has received lots of new content in its latest update.

Trese Brothers' Star Traders 4X Empires Has Left Its Space Dock For The App Store

The "Star Traders" universe is set to expand with a brand new iOS title.

Dronius Is An Arcade Space Adventure That Is Quite A Challenge

Help a small drone venture from the Sun to Pluto in an arcade space adventure that isn't as easy as it looks.

Tiny Space Adventure Is A New iOS Game That's Out Of This World

Blast off and crash land in Tiny Space Adventure, a new game for iOS.

The Final Frontier Awaits In Unity Games' Upcoming Space Noir

Space Noir looks to be an interesting narrative-driven iOS game set in outer space.

Simian.Interface Will Challenge Your Geometry And Spatial Skills In A Whole New Dimension

Simians of all types can engage in this spacial puzzle game.

Embark On A Risky Galactic Adventure In Galaxy Run

Help Rez on his adventure back to Earth in this celestial platformer.

Stellar Wars Brings A Touch Of Sci-Fi To The Popular Game Series

Stellar Wars, Liv Games' latest application, is now available to download in the App Store.

Help A Young Scientist Jump Through Space In Little Galaxy

Little Galaxy is a physics-based endless jumping game that you're sure to enjoy.

AppGuide Updated: Apps for Stargazing

Using your iPhone or iPad is a great way to help you see those objects in the sky you always wished you could. Whether you are using a high-powered telescope or just scanning the sky with your eyes, these apps will help you search for anything from the Moon to Jupiter and from the Andromeda galaxy to the Eagle nebulae. This handy guide will help you determine which apps will be most helpful to you.

Improve Your Skill And Avoid Collisions In Special Training

Special Training is a simple yet enjoyable arcade game that has you trying to avoid being hit by an asteroid somewhere in outer space. There's nothing to shoot, but much to be had.

Grow Your Space Empire With Starbase Orion, Now On Sale

Starbase Orion is a turn-based, multiplayer strategy game that utilizes iOS 5’s new Game Center features to allow you to play with or against up to three additional people. Explore, expand, exploit and exterminate you way through this complex galaxy of adventure.

AppGuide Updated: Space War

Space War has been popular since the days of quarter arcade machines. Today, you can still experience the awesome gameplay that you just can't get today with modern titles. Using an iDevice and the apps in this AppGuide, you will be taken back in time to a genre that offered simple, great games that you would want to play over and over again.

AppGuide Updated: Apps For Stargazing

Summer is a perfect time to get outdoors for some quality stargazing, and using your iPhone or iPad is a great way to help you see those objects you always wished you could. Whether you live in the dark countryside or a bright city, the apps here will show you everything about what is beyond out skies with amazing detail. With this update, we have added Luminos, which will give you an informative and beautiful 3D tour of space objects like you have never seen before.

Atlantis, The Final Space Shuttle, Launches Today - What Apps Do You Need?

The final space shuttle, Atlantis, launches in just minutes. Follow along on your iDevice and learn more about space with our selection of apps.

This Delicious Fun Leaves Kids Without A Sugar High

This app is finger-licking goodness for kids. The best part is, there are no sugar highs afterward.

Blast Off Your Knowledge With AstroApp: Space Shuttle Crew

This app will help you brush up your Nasa Space Shuttle trivia knowledge with information about all the astronauts right at your fingertips.

AppGuide Updated: Apps for Stargazing

Due to a request from one of our readers, two new apps by the names of Planets and SkyView have been added to this wonderful AppGuide. With all of the technology in the current iDevices such as an accelerometer, camera and gyroscope; stargazing can be an immersive, magical experience that one would never think of getting from a hand-held device.

Solve Puzzles And Become An Intergalactic Strategist With The Plateau

Solve intense puzzles with an intergalactic theme. Each puzzle has its own AI algorithm, so every game you play is unique. For $.99 The Plateau is one of the best puzzle games in the app store, be sure to check it out.

Defend Your Ship In This Intergalactic Space Battle

An intergalactic battle between you and a friend. Launch rockets and objects at each other until someone's ship is destroyed. Customize the game to your own liking, and stay alive in Paddle Battle.