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Win A Copy Of One Of Word Magic's Most Popular Dictionaries

We've got promo codes for Word Magic Software's English Thesaurus, English-Spanish Medical Dictionary, and English-Spanish Unabridged Dictionary.

Byki Spanish Makes It Easy To Learn A Foreign Language From Your iPhone

Let Byki Spanish kick your language learning into high gear using its killer interface, vast wealth of knowledge, and snarky stock picture sets.

New AppList: Apps To Learn And Translate Spanish On The iPad

Spanish is spoken in many countries around the world. The iPad can be a great friend in learning and translating Spanish. This AppList is aimed to showcase the very best Spanish learning and translating apps for the iPad.

QuickAdvice: Spanish Touch Trainer Helps You Learn Spanish

Spanish Touch Trainer is a fun and effective supplement to your Spanish studies. The focus of this niche app is verb conjugation, arguably the hardest part of learning Spanish for a native English speaker. Spanish Touch Trainer takes advantage of the iDevice functionality to take the monotony out of textbook study and drills. It has a beautiful user interface and feels game-like, though it is a serious learning tool.

Review: Basic Spanish For Dummies

Basic Spanish for Dummies teaches you the basics of how to read, write, and pronounce the Spanish language. It uses built in flashcards, videos, and a dictionary to make the learning experience fun. But how does it stand up to all the other Spanish teaching apps out there? Read on to find out...