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Speed Reading

Outread Update Ushers In A New Way To Speed Read And More

With version 1.3, users can also pause longer at the end of a sentence.

Catch Up On Your Books With Textio Speed Reading

If you have a lot of book reading to catch up on, then this app can help you out.

Your Normal Reading Speed Is About To Be Outdone With Outread

Outread makes things more comfortable than traditional speed-reading apps.

Lickability's Latest Release Will Have You Reading At An Insane Velocity

Velocity is the latest app by the creators of Quotebook, allowing you to zip through long pieces in a matter of minutes.

Want To Read On Your iPad? Take Your Time

While many enjoy reading on their iPad, the avid reader may notice a downside. A recent study on book reading methods by Jakob Nielsen of the Nielsen Norman Group, turned up one intriguing finding.

Review: QuickReader - The Speed Reading eBook Reader

Have tons to read but short on time? Well, QuickReader - The Speed Reading eBook Reader is here to help. Use QuickReader - The Speed Reading eBook Reader to train your brain and eyes to read faster with better comprehension.