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The Siri Port To End All Siri Ports: Say Hello To i4Siri

This new tweak plans to permanently bring Siri to most older generation iOS devices for free.

Jailbreak Only: AssistantConnect - The Easiest Way To Get Siri On An iPhone 4?

If you want to port Siri to an older iOS device, you can go about setting up a proxy (we have a guide explaining which proxy to choose). Though this can work well, a new pair of jailbreak tweaks - AssistantConnect and AssistantConnect4S - promise to make it even easier to port Siri to a non-iPhone 4S device, and what's more, the process doesn't even require a server.

Jailbreak Only: Spire Siri Proxies Go Head-To-Head. Which One Is The Best?

Ever since the release of Spire, the Siri port for older iDevices, people have had an issue looking for a working, fully functional, Siri server. We've tested a few of these servers, here are the results.

Spire Is The First Legal Siri Port For Older Generation iOS Devices

Jailbreaker extraordinaire Grant Paul (aka chpwn), has finally made the first legal Siri port available to the public. Called "Spire," the port has full support for older generation iOS devices including the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch G3. To install Spire, your device has to be jailbroken and running iOS 5.