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Today’s Apps Gone Free: Knots 3D, iTuner Radio, Roadee Music And More

Today’s AGF list includes a reference app, a streaming radio app, and a music discovery app.

Cause Of Death: Apple’s iOS 7?

Just in time for Halloween is this new video that pokes fun at iOS 7.

Sick Of iPad Rumors? We Are Too, But Check Out These Hilarious 'Facts'

Did you know that the iPad 3 comes shipped with Chuck Norris action jeans?

Psycho Siri: An Action-Packed Parody

Though there are many Siri spoofs, this one is definitely worth the watch.

Final Destination Christmas Special: The Siri Horror Movie

Have you wondered what Siri is really up to? This is the movie trailer for "Siri: The Holiday Movie."

Amazon's Jeff Bezos (As Far As You Know) Defends The Kindle Fire

Are you unhappy with your Kindle Fire purchase? This video is for you.

Humor: New Angry Birds Spoof Takes The Birds To The Warzone

We've seen our fair share of humorous videos featuring the very popular Angry Birds. There's been the excellent peace summit, and the birthday cake, not to mention Rovio's own promotional videos, that will undoubtedly bring a smile to any face. We've got another one today, and it will make your Sunday.