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Spotify now recommends concerts you might want to go to

Spotify is launching yet another new feature in its iOS app in the form of a personalized list of concert recommendations.

Facebook's 'Music Stories' give you a whole new way to share

This new way to share music sounds as good as it looks.

Sorry, Spotify: The No. 1 reason Apple Music is here to stay

Here's the reason Apple Music is here to stay.

Shazam keeps you in the app with Rdio and Spotify updates

Your tunes, where you want them. This popular music app received another great update.

Taylor Swift talks about her letter to Apple in a new interview

In the September issue of Vanity Fair, the pop superstar also takes a shot at Spotify.

Apple Music is lagging behind Spotify, for now

At least for Indie music distributor DashGo, Apple’s service is still dwarfed by the industry leader.

Nike+ Running and Spotify: More music, more motivation

Get inspired to push a little harder and run that extra mile with a musical update to this running app.

Spotify unveils a new feature in its battle against Apple Music

Discover Weekly will bring listeners a unique, customized playlist every Monday.

Spotify wants you to stop paying through the App Store

The streaming music service is showing subscribers how to transition their account to the Web, and save $3 per month in the process.

These 6 basic features are missing from Apple Music

Maybe your story is different, but I waited for Apple Music for nearly five years.

Music streaming face-off: Rdio, Spotify and Apple Music

We check out Rdio, Spotify, and the newly released Apple Music to find out which music streaming service is best.

Apple Music and most music streaming services are Princeless

This artist is taking aim at the music streaming industry in its entirety, almost.

Apple Music has 100 percent of Billboard Top 100, Spotify doesn't

Apple Music has a ton of songs, but how does it compare with Spotify?

Thanks, Apple? Non-US Spotify fans get a longer free trial

In response to Apple Music, Spotify will give a longer free trial, but only to certain users.

Rock out with these streaming music services

Streaming music continues to become popular as more companies, including Apple, are jumping into the crowded market.

Take a trip back in time with Spotify Rewind

Spotify has cooked up another great feature for an upcoming battle with Apple Music.

New Spotify Running for the music that moves you

It’s time for running music that keeps up with you, not the other way around.

Spotify doesn't believe in Apple's 'all paid' music plan

Spotify has drawn the battle lines and made it clear that the service won't take Apple Music laying down.

How will Apple Music stack up in the streaming music world?

Apple Music has big plans, but how does it compare to the competition?

The problem with SiriusXM Radio's iOS app

It seems like the satellite radio service doesn’t care about its listeners anymore.

Spotify’s redesigned iOS app, featuring the Now start page and more, is showcased in a new leak

The app also offers Spotify Running, which will recommend songs tuned specifically to your running tempo.

Ahead of Apple’s Beats Music revamp, Spotify adds videos and podcasts to the mix

Along with a original content, subscribers now can view video clips from ABC, BBC, Comedy Central, Condé Nast Entertainment, ESPN, and more.