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Sprint iPhone

Sprint To Offer iPhone Customers Total Protection From Loss Beginning Jan. 25

Sprint customers will soon be able to buy the company's insurance plan to protect their iPhone.

Sprint’s Unlimited Data Plans Will Continue

Sprint is making sure everyone knows they remain the only major iPhone carrier in the U.S. to offer unlimited data plans. In fact, they will still carry that distinction even if Apple’s next handset arrives with 4G/LTE capabilities.

Sprint Hopes To Resolve Their iPhone 4S Growing Pains Soon

When the iPhone 4S arrived last month, some Sprint customers began complaining about slow or inconsistent connection speeds with their new handsets. Now, the nation’s third largest carrier hopes to put the issue behind them by initiating some much-needed network “enhancements,” according to CNET.

Sprint Denies That Its iPhone Is The Slowest

A couple of days ago, we told you how Sprint's iPhone 4S appears to run slower than both the AT&T and Verizon handset. Now, amidst claims that iPhone 4S is crushing Sprint's network, the new iPhone carrier on the block has issued a statement in which it rejects the allegations made against its network.

Yesterday Was A Record-Breaking Day For Both AT&T And Sprint

The launch of Apple's iPhone 4S yesterday provided Sprint with record-breaking sales, and AT&T announced that it doubled its previous record for the highest number of iPhone activations in a single day.

Would Apple Really Give Sprint iPhone 5 Exclusivity? Don't Bet On It

When Tim Cook announces a Sprint iPhone tomorrow (as he likely will), it will come at a great cost to the No. 3 U.S. carrier. According to The Wall Street Journal, Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse was so adamant to get the iPhone, he basically bet the company’s future on it.

Sprint Insiders Hint At October iPhone Release, Renewed Carrier Interest

A soon-to-be relevant Sprint eyes a mid-October iPhone release.

Rumor: Sprint iPhone In "Advanced Testing"

According to a recent report, a Sprint iPhone is in "advanced testing." Furthermore, the source-fuelled article states that the handset is aesthetically similar to the current iPhone 4, hinting at the rumored "iPhone 4S" world-mode device we've already heard so much about.