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star wars

Size matters not as you battle to unlock Yoda in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

From Thursday, Feb. 11, through Tuesday, March 15, you can get the powerful Jedi Grand Master Yoda in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

The Force is strong with DataMan's latest update

DataMan has received a nice "Star Wars"-themed update.

Control Sphero’s awesome BB-8 droid with the upcoming Force Band

This is the wearable device you’ve been looking for.

Create your own Star Wars Ditty with this easy-to-use app

Creating your own jingle is easy with this app.

The Force Awakens in Star Wars: Card Trader and Galaxy of Heroes

A couple of tie-in iOS games have recently been updated with new content inspired by "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

Disney updates Star Wars: Commander with 'The Force Awakens' content

Star Wars: Commander sees the introduction of locations and species featured in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Feel the Force: Verizon offers customers free 'Star Wars' Google Cardboards

You can now bag a free Google Cardboard headset if you sign-up for a Verizon plan.

Awaken the Force and play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, out now on iOS

In a cantina far, far away, you can become the best hologamer in the galaxy by playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Get your Star Wars fix early on Google Cardboard

If you can't wait until Dec. 18 for more Star Wars, Google Cardboard has something for you.

New Apple TV ads highlight ‘the future of television’: apps

The new Apple TV is the star of the latest set of ads from Apple.

Disney launches a 'Star Wars' Infinity 3.0 pack for the new Apple TV

Disney has brought an Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack to the Apple TV. Better yet, it's "Star Wars"-themed, too.

Star Wars Battlefront Companion app out now on iOS

The official companion app of Star Wars Battlefront has just been released by Electronic Arts.

Disney Infinity 3.0 brings the Battle of Yavin to your Apple TV

It's a fun game, but is it worth the wait while it downloads?

Get your Star Wars fix with these Force Friday new releases

With all of the Force Friday merchandise releases, it will be a small miracle if many of us can pay our rent this month.

The Force awakens in new official Star Wars app from Disney

Do you find the lack of an official news app for the “Star Wars” franchise disturbing?

Star Wars: Uprising needs your help now, before its release

Don’t miss your chance, check out what you can do to help with this new game.

Choose the Heroes Path in Disney's new 'Star Wars' game for iOS

Star Wars - Heroes Path is based on the original “Star Wars” film, aka “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.”

The need now list: Star Wars in HD, 'True Detective' season 2 and more

Our list this week features the biggest film series in the history of the medium. Plus Vince Vaughn, Naught Reawakening, and more.

Feel the Force: 'Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection' launches on the iTunes Store

"Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection" can now be downloaded on the iTunes Store for a price that's less expensive than we expected.

Digital copies of the first 6 Star Wars films are an expensive proposition

Star Wars fans should expect to pony up this Friday when the first six films arrive on high-definition digital download for the very first time.

For the first time, the entire 'Star Wars' series will be available in HD on iTunes

The Apple Watch isn't the only big thing going on sale this Friday.

'Star Wars: Rebels'-inspired table is heading to Zen's Star Wars Pinball

Zen Studios is about to unleash a brand new "Star Wars"-inspired pinball table on the App Store.