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Keep On Stargazing Under iOS 7 In Star Walk's Latest Update

Star Walk and Star Walk HD have received a great iOS 7-optimizing update.

Solar Walk Is Now Widescreen With A Little Something Extra

As of this week, Solar Walk joins the apps optimized for the four inch Retina display group, plus gains a little extra.

SkySafari 3 Is Now Fully iOS 6 And iPhone 5-Optimized

Now owners of the standard SkySafari 3 have full compatibility with Apple's latest handhelds and mobile OS, plus a couple of new additions.

Star Walk 6 Is Bursting With Even More Stunning Visuals And Information

In Star Walk v6.0, the user interface has seen a significant revamp in many areas, making it brighter, quicker to navigate, and easier to ingest than ever before.

Explore The Universe With SkyView

SkyView brings augmented reality to make stargazing an awesome experience on your iPhone or iPod Touch.