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iWake With AppAdvice For Friday Now Available

Good morning! Today's episode of iWake is now available. Have a listen ...

Sleep Tracker Will Help You Track Your Zzzz's

There are some incredible sleep apps available to improve your night's rest but few go as in depth with the analysis as Sleep Tracker.

Angry Birds Is Now Downloaded More Than One Million Times Per Day

Rovio's "Mighty Eagle" Peter Vesterbacka recently confirmed that the company's Angry Birds games are downloaded more than one million times each and every day. The news was delivered at Mobile 2.0 Europe - openIDEAS Conference, several days ago.

ScoreMyDay Is A Life Tracker For The Statistic Fanatic

Life tracking involves using stats to make your life better. ScoreMyDay offers many options to help you with this, but because of a few missing features, it falls short.

Chart: Smartphone & iOS Web Usage Across The World

Have you ever had a debate, with an iOS-hater (aka Android user), regarding the current state of the mobile platform war? You probably realized that it's really tough to assess what's really going on. Royal Pingdom has a nice chart to help you figure it all out, check it out ...

It's Gametime, Are You Prepared? New NFL Applist

You smell that? Locker rooms, Nachos and Beer. Must be an NFL AppList.

Infographic: iPhone – The Art Of The Launch

GigaOM is back at it today with another one their beautiful and very informative infographics. This time focusing on what makes every iteration of our favorite smartphone different.

Review: Read More - Unleash the Bookworm Within

The bookworm inside you is itching to get out! But you are struggling to keep track of all the books you want to read? Read More can help you keep track of everything you are currently reading as well as keep an archive for future reference.

iPhone Paid Apps Top The Charts Longer Than The Free Ones

The votes have been counted and the results are in. The data, provided by Distimo for May, clearly shows the average number of days that applications across various categories stay at the top of the App Store rankings.

Review: Analytics App

Do you use Google Analytics to track stats for your website? Analytics App allows you to access all that infomation from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Review: Birdbrain

Need to keep track of everyone you follow on Twitter? Want to know how many times you've been retweeted? Birdbrain can tell you and so much more.

Review: WolframAlpha

Now Wolfram Alpha has dropped the $50 price tag down to a more reasonable $1.99 should you buy it? Read on to find out.

Review: Ego

Are you a statistics-junkie? Do need your daily dose of information on your websites? How about Twitter? Ego is definitely for you.