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Apps For Your Thanksgiving Shopping, Just In Time For The Holidays

Get your grocery shopping done more efficiently than ever.

Google Pulls Voice App From Store

Google has pulled the Voice application from the App Store following iOS 5 crashes.

AppGuide Updated: Best iPad Comic Books Apps

The iPad brings comic books to life. The iPad can show comic books in ways that paper never could. With the addition of DC Comic Viewer, people have yet another choice of how to bring their comics to the iPad.

New AppGuide: Best Comic File Readers

In the age of today's digital lifestyle, many people still hold on to paper comic books. However, other comic book fans have embraced the digital versions. The apps in this AppGuide will allow anyone to read digital comics on their iPhone, with all of the advantages of modern app features, including searching, downloading and sorting. These things cannot be done on the same scale with traditional comic books.

Get Your iPad - Now Shipping Within 24 Hours

If you're thinking about purchasing an iPad, now would be the ideal time. On Apple's online store, shipping times are now "within 24 hours." Great news for potential iPad owners!

HP's iPrint App Goes 3.0, Gets Many New Features

While the "HP iPrint Photo" was originally created to simply print photos wirelessly to HP printers, it has grown into much more.

Apple Drawing Attention Away From Free Apps

While the App Store's "Top Apps" charts have always given equal billing to both free and paid apps, it appears that the equality has finally come to an end.

Xvid On Your iPad With CineXPlayer

If you're one of the many people who are frustrated with the video format limitations of your iPad, then you may be happy to hear that there's an alternative.

One Of The Most Popular Mac Apps Makes It To The iPhone And iPad

Business people everywhere can now run a company from the palm of their hand. FileMaker Pro, the database software popular with Mac users, has finally brought its amazing functionality and design to the iDevice market with FileMaker Go.

Fish Tycoon

A real-time fish simulator that allows you to breed, manage, and sell over 400 species of fish. Even when the game is turned off, your fish continue to grow and flourish in this addictive virtual pet store brought to you by the same team responsible for the acclaimed series, Virtual Villagers. Read more here...